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The Operations & Logistics Manager at Endorfin Foods is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations at Endorfin Foods. They are responsible for managing finances & cash flow, supply chain (ordering, inventory planning, & logistics), and certifications including organic and fair trade. They oversee and actively manage various third-party providers for production, fulfillment, and customer service. The Operations & Logistics Manager reports directly to the founder/CEO, and directly manages one full time administrative assistant & customer support specialist.

  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Support bookkeeper with specific aspects of closing monthly books
  • Proactive management of cash flow
  • Review bookkeeping and prepare for CPA annually
  • Update spreadsheets analyzing financial and sales data monthly
  • Update projections quarterly
  • Oversee corporate compliance requirements
  • Fulfill project-based data analysis projects per CEO’s requests

Production and fulfillment
  • Process distributor orders (UNFI, Kehe, etc)
  • Schedule ALL freight pickups & deliveries
  • Submit disputes for charges from distributors
  • Oversee fulfillment provider (3PL)
  • Order needed supplies, including ingredients, packaging, and shipping materials
  • Print and ship labeling supplies for co-manufacturer(s)
  • Oversee co-manufacturer(s)

Manage virtual assistant responsible for ecommerce, customer service, and wholesale account management

Maintain certifications
  • Organic
  • Fair trade
  • Kosher

Manage web stack (Shopify, etc)
Email communications
Understand the flow of the business and keep all pieces moving together smoothly
Two hours of meetings per week, with CEO and virtual assistant


This job requires approximately 20 hr/week on average with flexible scheduling week-to-week

  • Must provide your own computer, cell phone, and reliable Internet connection
  • Fully remote


  • Proficient in Google Suite
  • Strong self-management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Fast, thorough, and detail-oriented
  • Organized, prompt, and reliable


  • Experience with ecommerce food business
  • Experience with Shopify, third-party fulfillment providers, and co-manufacturing
  • Skilled with web apps
  • Enthusiasm for sustainable chocolate company
  • Mature and emotionally intelligent
  • Based in Northern California or Nevada


  • Starting at $35-$40/hr with strong potential for raises
  • Part time employee position - 20 hours/week
  • 1 hour of paid vacation time for every 20 hours worked
  • 1 hours of paid health time for every 30 hours worked
  • Unpaid time off available (negotiated based on completion of job duties)
  • All the chocolate you can eat!

Job country: United States

Job posted 2022-04-11