5 Pieces of Advice for Productive Remote Communication

What are the integral parts of the productive and resultative communication? The etiquette is the base because when a person respects his interlocutor, he receives the same attitude.  The skills like listening, expressing different opinions, and the non-verbal signs influence its course. There are six key factors to successful communication according to Conover.

The remote communication has some small contrast. It comes from the up-to-date methods of sharing information. What are the ways to provide its effectiveness?

Be short and clear

Can you compare these two messages?

`I want to combine my studies at university and work there. You have announced the ability to be flexible and execute the commitments in the evening for 5-6 hours. You have hired me, so I prefer to continue with this schedule. Is it possible?`

`Flexible hours are my choice. I prefer to have evening shifts. Thank you.`

The first one is long and detailed, whereas the second one is short and concise. Avoid the stretched sentences. No one intends to read them willingly. When there is no reason, there is nothing to explain and get the attention distracted.

Express the emotions

The words are only part of each speech. It can`t be complete without using gestures, facial expressions, and voice play. The relief in virtual conversations doesn`t deprive of their effect.

In writing, an author can stress some prominent things, thanks to the formatting. Having a desire to emphasize something, it isn`t a problem to place punctuation marks in that way.

The video calls create almost no boundaries. The interlocutor sees the emotions, hears the intonation, and pays attention to the visual picture. In that case, the distance seems not to be even slightly a nuisance.

Divide your text into rubrics

The accurate division into the paragraphs makes the writing clear and organized. It sets aside all the significant info. After that, all the text doesn`t coincide and stops to look unintelligibly. The crucial things will go to the head in the first turn.

Remember about the background

Different people have the various interest to share. Some aspects define their style of behavior. The background, traditions, culture, age, the social group have an impact on the special communicational features. Some jokes, habits, and etiquette raisins are regional, so perceive them as normal ones even if they impress you negatively.

Choose applications

The program where the co-workers have conferences, group, or personal calls must conform to the best technical level. The problems with connection are equal to the malfunctions with tools.
If you chose the right app, you would exactly have nothing to worry about. The same principle works with the platforms for having a chat. Do you need convenience? Take care of it.