Competitive intelligence jobs & Careers

What is Competitive Intelligence Jobs?

Competitive Intelligence Jobs are those roles that involve collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about competitors and market trends to help businesses make informed decisions. This type of job requires a person to have a deep understanding of the industry and the competition, as well as strong analytical and research skills. The insights gathered through competitive intelligence analysis can be used to develop new products, improve marketing strategies, and strengthen market positioning.

What usually do in this position?

The main responsibility of a Competitive Intelligence Specialist is to gather information about the competition and industry trends. This requires conducting research, analyzing data, and interpreting the findings. The specialist then uses this information to create reports, presentations, and other materials that can be used by decision-makers within the organization. In addition, the specialist may also be responsible for monitoring the competition and providing real-time updates on changes in the market landscape.

Top 5 skills for the position

  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Business acumen

How to become this type of specialist?

To become a Competitive Intelligence Specialist, one typically needs a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business, marketing, or economics. Some employers may also require a master's degree. In addition to formal education, it is essential to have experience in research and analysis, as well as knowledge of the industry and competition. Strong communication skills are also important for presenting findings and recommendations to decision-makers.

Average salary

The salary for Competitive Intelligence Specialists varies depending on experience, education, and location. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for this position in the United States is around $80,000 per year.

Roles and types

Competitive Intelligence Jobs can be found in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and finance. Some common job titles include Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Market Intelligence Specialist, and Strategic Planning Manager. In addition to these roles, there are also consulting firms that specialize in competitive intelligence and provide services to businesses across industries.

Locations with the most popular jobs in USA

The cities with the most job opportunities for Competitive Intelligence Specialists in the United States include New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. These cities have a strong presence of industries that require competitive intelligence analysis, such as finance, technology, and healthcare.

What are the typical tools?

Competitive Intelligence Specialists use a variety of tools to gather and analyze data. Some common tools include market research databases, social media monitoring tools, and data visualization software. In addition, they may also use industry-specific tools such as financial analysis software or healthcare data analytics platforms.

In conclusion

Competitive Intelligence Jobs are an essential part of any organization that wants to stay ahead of the competition. These roles require a unique set of skills, including strong analytical and research skills, business acumen, and strategic thinking. While the salary for these positions can vary, they offer an exciting career path for those who enjoy analysis and problem-solving.