The Tips for Productive and Enjoyable Remote Communication

Hi friends, what I would like to talk about today is the routine of a remote worker and some communicational needs he has.

Every morning I wake up at 06:45 and get up 07:00, take my nightdress off, have breakfast, do some exercises, and start being concentrate on work.

Being focused on what you do is a whole immersion in the process, but maybe two weeks later, I`ve set a regime. After 3 hours dedicated to tasks, I have lunch. It does not induce me to peek in a refrigerator a few times per day. After 3 hours, I usually have a coffee break for my second cup of pleasure, sometimes with a piece of cake. I prefer such a schedule never to become distracted. The only thing I  miss is the communication. The feeling of comfort is perfect, but as a talkative and easy-going person, I crave some others nearby.

I think it is not enough only to have the connections tied directly with errands and commitments. I disapprove of such an absence of keeping in touch. Without having it, the relationships predominantly wear out. What can I recommend for making the team members happy, motivated, pleased, and united?

Look for the ways of entertainment together

The discussion on business is an integral part of all the negotiations, but what about some extra themes for discussion? If you have an online conference, try to single out a few minutes in the end. You can ask a question that has no meaning for a meeting. It can be something funny, even maybe ridiculous.

I remember how my boss once has asked me about my attitude to the 80s music. I had no answer because I hadn`t heard it before. When we met the next time, I was ready to express what I have thought. To be honest, all generations have different preferences. I can`t add it to my playlist, but having an appropriate mood, it is possible. Yes, It is unexpectedly fervent!

If you organize some conversations, do not forget to entertain your colleagues. Take it easy and make the atmosphere light. There are many applications to give you a hand with eradicating the stereotypes.

Remember about emojis

I used to avoid sending emojis at all. I saw no sense in expressing my emotions thanks to small pictures instead of the fluency of language and being eloquent. It was not unnecessary and did not put any extra information into what I wanted to say.

I have changed my mind after the first experience of working remotely.  These signs of feelings are often fuller and more meaningful than their absence. Several times after using emojis in messages, I noticed a brighter reaction than to many positive sentences. Interlocutors, especially involved in operations concerning texts or documents, hate reading amounts of unimportant data. Forget about it.

Don`t be so shy

The communication is what people need. Everyone who has joined the remote cooperation must set deep connections with others. Someone in framed photographs on a fireplace or a wall cannot substitute real mates. In case you would like to make friends with colleagues or subordinates, inquire a lot. Don`t turn into an annoying nuisance, but set the exchange of questions and responses.

Keep up the conversation, tell some stories concerning your lives, and display the personal position you have. Get to know each other, because even non-essential details stimulate the development of a friendly atmosphere in a remote collective. It is useful when the co-workers share a project remotely.

Hopefully, the pieces of my advice will bear the fruits. It is not rocket science, but your connections are thoroughly in your hands.