Digest #20 TOP-8 job remotely for developer 💻

1. ⛺️💻ElevenYellow. Full Stack Developer
We are a proud family of digital nomads who believe in a bit quirkier model of living and working. Even though our epicenters are in Singapore, Madrid, and Bali we have team members all over the world. Where ever it feels comfiest for us to rest our laptops is where we will be working.

2. 📟 OnTheGoSystems. WordPress Technical Supporters
OnTheGoSystems develop WordPress plugins, WPML and Toolset.
Toolset makes it easier and quicker for users to build a professional website without complex coding.

3. 📲Pathable, Inc.. Product Manager Nomad
Pathable is the leading provider of community software for conferences, tradeshows, events, and associations.

4. 📨SimpleTexting. WordPress Developer (Part-Time)
SimpleTexting is the easiest way to send messages to customers, employees, or anyone else you need to reach.

5. 💳Level. Senior Front-End Developer
We are a startup headquartered in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC. We are a small, close-knit team working to upend the RMM market with a new product.

6. 🎨Vanilla. Sales Engineer
We're a growing group of designers, developers, attorneys, financial advisors, and operations managers, who share a passion for building beautifully designed products for an outdated industry.

7.⌨️ Localize. Head of Marketing
Localize integrates with websites and applications to deliver multilingual experiences. Easily automate and translate your digital content with Localize.

8. 💰Ebury. Engineering Director - Platform
Ebury is a financial services company, specialising in international cash management solutions including cross-border payments, FX risk management, and business lending.