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Remote Frontend Developer (Elm/Haskell) job at Supercede

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We Need an Elm Developer!

We're building the leading reinsurance industry placement platform, and we are now looking for another front-end developer to help us. It'll be your responsibility to write and maintain our Elm code (of which we currently have about 36,000 lines). You will also need to reproduce and write elegant fixes for CSS issues that our testers uncover. You will work together with a friendly team of mostly Haskell and Elm developers. You'll have flexible working hours and you can work from anywhere, though this is a full-time position and the expectation is that of work based on a traditional 40 hour week, with 25 days of paid annual holiday in addition to your country's national holidays.

About Us

Supercede (formerly Riskbook) is a funded InsurTech startup based in London, but our team are distributed. We intend to keep it that way. We favour asynchronous communication, and try to hire "managers of one". We don't do daily stand-ups. We don't count your hours. We don't work weekends. We support each other in working and learning, and we have a dedicated fortnightly "Research Day" where every programmer is free to not do chores for the product, and instead investigate/learn/play with whatever technology they choose. Want to learn more about type-level programming? Property-based testing? Expert systems? Go right ahead!

About You
  • You have at least a few years of industry experience and a desire to work with functional programming.
  • You write elegant solutions for UI code that is responsive, adheres as closely as possible to a given design, and works across all the browsers we support (which includes IE11).
  • You have strong skills in CSS and JavaScript — with and without frameworks in both cases.
  • You understand the web request lifecycle, and ideally can triage and rectify performance problems in client-side code.
  • You ideally have experience writing Elm and/or Haskell.
  • You have experience with TDD, and ideally you can write integrated tests for Elm applications. Bonus points if you can write property-based tests too.
  • You can communicate clearly in written English. You do not need to speak excellent English. Most of our communication is written and asynchronous so it is important to us that we find someone who can describe their approach to problem solving in written form.
  • You are patient, empathetic, and you communicate clearly. We have a diverse and distributed team, and you must be comfortable working with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Job posted 2021-03-30