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Advisable team is looking for a highly-skilled marketing specialist with an excellent overview of the digital marketing industry, prior client oriented project/account management or business development experience as well as acquired expertise in consumer focused roles, building an outstanding customer journey and product.

This full-time role entails two different but interchanging set of activities:
  1. You'll be joining our Business Development team of specialists who push our company and business forward (hence the project/account management expertise)
  2. You'll be in charge of building and perfecting the part of our product that is oriented towards our freelancers (related to Product Management and customer journey creation expertise)


We are a platform that connects top-notch marketing freelancers to brands and companies.’s goal is to make finding & hiring a top freelancer with any skill imaginable as easy as booking an Uber.

This means providing instant recommendations of talent based on complex client queries across hundreds of specialist skills – backed by a no questions asked money-back guarantee.
We’ve made tonnes of progress towards this goal and have been growing fast, doing 7 figures in bookings since launch. Our clients include companies like Spotify, Product Hunt, Stack Overflow, BigCommerce and SAP, and a number of freelancers have earned over $100,000 from their work on Advisable. Clients love our service with an average freelancer rating of 9.33/10.
However, we’re just getting started and we recently raised $2.5m in additional funding from Frontline Ventures, FJ Labs and some of Europe’s leading angels, including the founders of Supercell and Pipedrive.

We truly curate the freelancer segment of our business and look for the best talent out there to join our platform. In December 2020 we have launched the very first freelancer community and platform, Advisable Guild, gathering only crème de la crème marketing specialists who do amazing work for our clients every day.

  • Digital Marketing know how: you are able to understand various marketing fields, from Product or SaaS Marketing, Content Production and Social Media Marketing to Paid Acquisition, SEO and SEM activities
  • Digital Marketing agency experience: you have worked as an account/project manager in a digital agency and have plenty of client communication experience. You understand people, you are easy to talk to and the clients can trust you
  • OR you have been part of a Product Management team in a startup before, focused on building an outstanding consumer-focused product/service
  • Insight into the freelancer world: since you'll be working on the freelancer's customer journey and product, an insight into this industry and lifestyle is very important. They are your end user and you should understand their needs, aspirations and goals
  • Persistent and energetic: you understand the journey of an early stage startup and know how to navigate the numerous ups and downs of the messy middle. You are seeking for a journey rather than an outcome.
  • First-principles problem-solving attitude: while there are proxies for various elements of what we’re doing, much of it hasn’t been done before. You’ll need to be able to think for yourself and own your work and outcome
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: you’re an entrepreneur at heart and are passionate about building new things and defying convention
  • Lean mindset: you know how to hack before you build. You can make anything work at a fundamental level and prove the value before spending the cash building it to scale.
  • You’re highly organised & structured: you can manage, track multiple experiments, multiple channels, etc.
  • You automate/systematise everything you can: you’re not happy doing the same thing every day. You want to automate/systematise things that are working so you can move onto the next win

  • You’re passionate about great products: you want to build towards an outstanding product that users love
  • You want to build something with impact: you want what you build to have a significant impact on real people
  • You want to share in the success you help build: we believe in giving significant equity to everyone working with us
  • You believe in creating win-win scenarios at scale: we’ll only succeed if everyone wins from every interaction
  • You believe in constantly striving: we’re constantly working to be better and improving every element of what we do
  • You’re passionate about learning: learning is essential to what we do so we offer a €50/month book allowance
  • You want to work with an A+ team: our team has scaled startups that have sold to Google, built beautiful products across a range of industries, managed leading accelerators, and also worked in the traditional consultancy world
  • You want to work remotely: we’re remote-friendly and offer €1,000 for you to kit out your remote-work setup
  • You value autonomy & responsibility: while working effectively with the team is key, we want people we can trust to be responsible for their own work
  • You want to help shape our culture: we’re still a small team so every hire will help shape our culture and company as we grow
  • You have a long-term outlook: we’re working towards building something significant for the long-term
  • You want to live a good life: while working hard is important, we believe that building something significant shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal life

Our team is based in Europe and we would ideally be looking for a candidate in GMT +/- 5 zones.

If you think you might be a great fit for the role, you should do the following:
  • send your CV to, with the following Subject: JOB APPLICATION: Business Developer/Product Manager
  • to be sure that we are not missing something between the lines in your CV, send us over a brief video where you tell us a bit more about your experience relevant for this role. We are aware that this is a challenging position demanding excellent communication and project management skills so feel free to tell us why you'd make an excellent candidate. And no stress here, a simple video shot with a mobile phone while you're drinking your morning coffee is just fine!

The process we will apply in the recruitment phase is the following:
  • If we find your application interesting and compelling, you'll be contacted to set up an interview with Marina, our Lead Marketing Strategist
  • If the chat with Marina goes well, you'll have another call with Peter, our CEO
  • If you nail this interview as well, what would follow is a very brief and concise test set up in two parts: 1 mock-up call and another 30-minute assignment

Looking forward to your applications.

Best of luck!
Advisable team

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