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Company Description

Since 2012, our all-remote team has created and operated a growing set of websites that help people create puzzles and teaching materials in a quick and easy way. These sites include: My Worksheet Maker (, Crossword Hobbyist ( and My Word Search ( Our users are primarily teachers and we are passionate supporters of educators around the world.

We are an all-remote team comprised of the company founder, two Developers, a part-time Head of Customer Experience, and two part-time Customer Support Representatives (soon to be you!). Our Customer Support Representatives are in charge of making sure all customers have what they need, primarily through email-based customer support.
Additionally, Customer Support Representatives engage with users through social media and blog posts, as needed.

We are currently hiring two Customer Support Representatives. Though both will have primarily customer support duties and some social media responsibilities, we anticipate having one person more involved with social media strategizing and management. If you have a strong preference, special interest, or relevant experience in social media, make sure to note that in your materials.

Customer Support Representative Job Summary

The primary responsibility of a Customer Support Representative is responding to user needs in a timely manner. Communication with customers is conducted almost exclusively over email. Customer Support Representatives have ownership over all incoming communication to the company, and a responsibility for providing prompt, courteous support to all customers. Duties include:

  • Respond to all email, voicemail, and Slack messages
  • Investigate and resolve customer issues using our internal customer portal
  • Process refunds
  • Compile and submit chargeback disputes
  • Escalate issues where appropriate
  • Satisfactorily meet performance and response metrics
  • Create and distribute social media and blog posts
In addition to the direct customer support responsibilities, this position also includes some responsibilities for social media posting and blog management. The position breakdown is:

  • 75% Customer service; responding to inquiries across platforms, meeting regularly with supervisor to review recent customer issues and metrics,
  • 15% Online engagement; creating and sharing posts on blogs and social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • 5% Managing special projects, including annual scholarship competition
  • 5% other duties as assigned
Customer Support Representative Required Qualifications

  • Be among the most reliable people we’ve ever met
  • Have a knack for turning sad faces into happy faces
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • 1+ year(s) experience in a dedicated customer support role (food service does not count)
  • Bachelor’s degree, 3.0+ GPA
  • Experience in banking or handling payment transactions preferred
  • Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and WordPress preferred
  • Experience and interest in writing preferred



This position is not a good fit for everyone. This section should make you feel excited! If it makes you feel concerned, this is probably not the right position for you.

The job is all remote work, ~5-10 hrs/wk in fall-winter-spring and 3-7 hrs/wk in summer. The Customer Support team is expected to maintain an average “first reply time” under 12 hours. No customer should wait more than 24 hours for a response. You have full flexibility on your scheduling to get this done and will coordinate with the other representative to provide full coverage, 365 days a year.

Things move quickly around here. To succeed, you will need to be comfortable checking the customer support queue multiple times per day. You'll also have to check Slack multiple times during business hours and respond to any internal messages or requests.

We are also very interested in working with people who have experience in social media for businesses and are good writers.


Please include in your cover letter why you will be excellent in this position, both in terms of your qualifications and in terms of the fit.