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Remote Developer + Technical Lead (iOS, Android, Back-end) job at Squirrel

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**The work performed within this role is in exchange for company equity via cash-based convertible note. Open to discussions of equity + deferred cash-based compensation.**

We are an early-stage startup focused on an innovative approach to the mobility space. We are seeking a developer to work (either part time or full-time) to develop a consumer-facing app on iOS and Android. The concept benefits strongly from the current conditions and consumer mindset created by the Covid-19 pandemic context.

Our app will serve as the primary interaction point for customers to engage with our service offering. We have a well-developed experience vision expressed through a prototype. We are aiming to develop and launch our MVP of the app and the service quickly. As such, we are open to a variety of technical architecture and implementation approaches that this role (technology lead) recommends.

We intend to make use of third-party services to whatever extent possible in order to facilitate speed to market. We have thoughts on which services to use, but again are open to discussion about the specifics. This role will need to integrate services in these areas:

  • Authentication / User Management
  • ID Scanning & Verification
  • Mapping
  • APIs/Integration with IOT Services
  • Payment
  • Messaging: In-App Chat & Video

In addition to the customer-facing application, this role will develop the back-end technology needed to support the service offering. The app and its underlying back-end should be built with the ability to scale rapidly as the service grows.

In this role, you’ll work closely with the digital product design lead to discuss technical and experience considerations, help to select technology services and partners, and to create a delivery plan and articulate major milestones.

This role has the potential to grow into a permanent senior leadership role as the company grows.

We don’t have formal education or technical requirements criteria. But we believe that strong candidates will have the following characteristics:

  • Self-starters
  • Have developed apps on IOS and Android
  • Committed to delivering quality, scalable code
  • Able to create and adhere to estimates
  • Good at communicating implications of technical decisions
  • Excited to bring a game-changing idea to life

If that sounds like you, we’d love to be in touch. The process:
If your application looks like a good fit, we’ll arrange a short conversation with our senior technical advisor. After that, we’ll ask that you fill out an NDA as we share the business concept and prototype with you. We can determine whether we want to work together from there and work to determine appropriate equity compensation through negotiated terms.