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Remote Full Stack Java Developer job at Intelliworx

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 Job Summary: The full stack Java Developer will work with other developers to assist in the overall development effort of our IT company - directly implement code, processes and automation over a wide range of technologies and problem spaces.

Duties / Responsibilities:
●        Assist in front-end and backend development on the Intelliworx platform and associated applications. 
●        Implement and assist in front-end unit and end-to-end tests. 
●        Assist in improving Client Interface (CI) tooling for designer applications. 
●        Identify root causes of issues, including troubleshooting UI/UX/508 compliance issues 
(e.g. errors, incorrect processing, performance, etc.) and design remediation strategies. 
●        Follow application development standards (naming conventions, data access, security, etc.). 
●        Identify opportunities to continuously improve product quality and performance. 
Mandatory Job Requirements: 
●       Pursuant to our government contracts, this position requires U.S. Citizenship. 
●       All applicants must have the ability to obtain a Medium-Risk Background Investigation (BI) 

Required Skills and Experience: 

 Technology, Languages, and Expertise:Java and J2EE technologies and frameworks, databases, and development automation tools, including but not limited to Spring, Hibernate, Spring AOP/AspectJ, JPA, Thymeleaf, AJAX, XML, XSLT, HTML, (S)CSS, Material design, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, section 508 and accessibility, MySQL, Oracle, Tomcat/HTTPd/NGINX, Git/GitHub, Maven, Yarn/NPM, Eclipse, and UNIX CLI. 
●        Knowledge and experience in full life cycle of software development. 
●        Must possess a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between front end user facing technologies and back end server-side technologies as well as the ability to choose between various options at all levels of the software stack to create the optimal desired outcome. 
●        Experience in developing secure, cloud-based web applications. 
●        Broad expertise in system to system integration technologies including front end web services, sql and data warehousing, extraction, transformation and load (ETL), and file loading required in order to collaborate with a wide range of integration partners.  
●        Experience with integration technologies including web services and the Spring and Hibernate web service frameworks (including a demonstrated proficiency in developing high-performance data access using Hibernate and Spring JavaConfig), file-based integrations, and XML and schema design. 
●        Ability to troubleshoot UI/UX/508 compliance issues (errors, incorrect processing, performance, etc.) and able to design remediation strategies for them. 
●        Experience with setup and administration of configuration management and continuous integration platforms, incident tracking systems, and scripting of development and deployment processes. Special emphasis on the Atlassian suite of products (JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, etc.). 
●        Broad experience in User Interface and User Experience design and development. 
●        Experience in developing technical design requirements from functional specifications. 
●        Understands application development standards (naming conventions, data access, security, etc.). 
●        Experience in understanding various business and technical documentation, including proposals, specifications, and as-built documentation. 
  Education and Years of Experience 

●        5+ years’ experience as a full stack Java developer 
●        A BS in Computer Science or demonstrable equivalent training/experience 

Desired Qualifications and Skills: 

●        Strong problem-solving, conceptual and strategic-thinking skills. 
●        Experience with recognizing challenges, proposing solutions, and leading the implementation of new frameworks and processes. 
●        Aptitude and willingness to learn new technologies. 
●        Experience in understanding, identifying and enhancing client requirements and communicating industry best practice to team members. 
●        Ability to identify opportunities to continuously improve product quality and performance. 
●        Communication, mentoring skills, and the ability to collaborate in the role as a lead developer, co-worker, or assistant. 
●        Ability to work independently from home.