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Are you an inspirational, forward-thinking, people-centric, and customer-centric seasoned support leader? Do you excel at transforming vision and strategy into results? Have you led other support organizations to achieve next level of excellence during the growth phase of the business life cycle? Are you pragmatic with an unshakable focus on strategy, execution, and results?

If you answered yes to these questions, we are sure this position will sound super exciting to you. 🤩

Keep reading for more details! 📝

Become Our New Head of Customer and Technical Support!

As the Head of Customer and Technical Support, you will lead the strategy and execution for our customer support and technical support groups to deliver an exceptional customer experience and lower customer effort while empowering our customers to easily and quickly gain the benefits of our products.

WP Media is the French company behind successful WordPress plugins like WP Rocket and Imagify. WP Rocket is the premium caching plugin for WordPress used by +1,000,000 websites and +120,000 customers worldwide. Our plugin makes sites go at the speed of light in just a few clicks. Imagify is our free image optimization service, including a free WordPress plugin: we have already optimized more than 2,000,000,000 images! 😲

You will join and lead our remote, global team, covering AMER and EMEA regions. To facilitate this international teamwork, you live or work in a time zone between UTC+2 to UTC-5. We are so curious to know which new country will be added to our distributed team map! 🌍

What Your Mission Will Be:

Lead and serve our customers and Support people to deliver an exceptional customer experiences and lower customer effort while empowering our customers to easily and quickly gain the benefits of our products.

What You Will Be Responsible For:

Here is a list describing the focal areas you'll be responsible for in this role (do you happen to like making lists? So do we!):

You will lead our global Customer and Technical Support strategy and execution to:
  • Customer-focused 
    • Deliver an exceptional customer experience with lower customer effort that makes it easier and faster for them to gain the benefits of our products
    • Embrace a “customer centric” view of the end-to-end experience across all support channels and across the full support life cycle
    • Be the Voice of the Customer and advocate for customers
  • People Leadership 
    • Hire, retain, nurture, coach, and empower customer-centric Support people who excel at serving our customers and achieving our mission and objectives
    • Push decision making down to those closest to the problem and/or customer
    • Actively coach and empower the management team, growing their leadership and management expertise, and coaching them to better serve their people and our customers
    • Champion continuous learning and professional development
    • Create a sense of psychological safety within the department
    • Keep your teams' morale, health, and happiness high
  • Operations Leadership 
    • Simplify and optimize support operations to effectively, efficiently, and fiscally deliver and scale without significantly increasing headcount
    • Drive quarterly OKRs
    • Ensure operational readiness today, tomorrow, and long into the future
    • Develop the right set of analytics that 
      • provide real insights into key aspects of Support operations
      • act as a compass to guide and ensure your department is moving towards our objectives
    • Embrace an "innovation mindset" to experiment with new technologies and ways of working that result in increased operating efficiencies, effectiveness, and team happiness
    • Champion continuous improvement
  • Partner with: 
    • Work cross-functionally across the business with product, engineering, marketing, and others to deliver feedback, inform the value proposition, and ensure the overall experience is seamless and focused on the customer’s needs
    • Executive team to share insights and expertise in the formulation of vision, strategy, and OKRs

What Do You Need To Excel at This Job:

Here is a short list of the key attributes you'll need to excel in this role:
  • You are an exceptional servant leader
  • You empower your people
  • You are a team builder
  • You are an operations architect and optimizer
  • You are a performance and excellence maximizer
  • You get the right things done
  • You deliver the right results
  • You are fiscally pragmatic

Seasoned support leader with proven success.

You have years of related leadership experience in customer-facing technical support in a B2C software or technology product company. You've successfully led cross-functional, globally distributed department of at least 20 people. Over the years of your career, you've amassed breadth and depth in what it takes for a support organization to deliver exceptional customer experiences and lower customer effort while empowering our customers to easily and quickly gain the benefits of our products. 

Servant leader.

Your philosophy of leadership aligns to the servant leader style. You believe your role is to serve our customers and Support people. We value empowered people and teams. As a servant leader, you actively push decision making down to those closest to the problem and/or customer and actively coach people to develop their decision making superpowers.

People empowerer. Team builder.

You know that to create customer happiness, you start with happy, high-performance support people and teams. You are a proven and exceptional people empowerer and team builder. You are an outstanding and effective coach. You serve your people by actively developing and coaching them as well as creating opportunities for each person to continuously learn, improve, and grow. You create a sense of psychological safety for your people. You excel at recruiting and retaining top high performing talent.

Unshakeable focus on execution, results, and strategy.

You possess an unshakeable focus on execution, results, and strategy. Your eyes are focused on the vision of where we are going while your feet are firmly planted in daily to ensure your people are on course and moving towards that vision and the results we must achieve. 

You are data-driven and masterful at developing the right set of metrics. You know that the right set of metrics is your compass that are a compass, helping everyone to know if we are on track.

Stellar communication skills.

You present complex information to audiences ranging from cross-functional leads to executives and leave them informed and inspired.

Operations and performance maximizer.

Through the years, you've refined your operational approach to maximize performance and excellence. You get the right things done and deliver the right results. You leverage OKRs to focus on and achieve those right things and results. You have an eye for identifying and removing friction from the support process (e.g. developing and implementing internal service tooling to automate processes). 

Tune and refine, rather than redesign.

You are agile, building on top of what exists and is already working well. You tune and refine, adapting for your new company, organizational design, department, and teams. You know that big sweeping changes are disruptive and costly. You opt to take baby steps.

Champion continuous learning and improvement.

You advocate and champion continuous learning and improvement. You see mistakes, bad ratings, and missteps as opportunities to learn, improve, and grow. You encourage everyone around you to embrace these principles as part of your strategy to achieve results and better serve our customers.

Being Yourself.

The WP Media team is diverse and composed of people from all over the world. Respect, collaboration, and inclusivity are some of our core values (more on this below). Every day of work is an exciting opportunity to get in touch with fantastic people who will enrich your cultural and professional background.

Proficient knowledge of English.

Empathetic and collaborative communication is key: you are comfortable writing, speaking, and listening in English with technical and non-technical teammates.

Do you want to know a few other things we appreciate about our candidates? Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in any of these areas. We’ll teach you.
  • Previous freelance or remote job experience.
Slack will be your virtual office, where all the life of the company takes place.
  • Know web performance.
You have experience with web performance optimization. You know how to measure page load speeds. You understand caching. Terms like gzip, preload, minify, and lazyload are not foreign to you. You know the difference between PageSpeed score and page load time. If you don’t know, we’ll teach you.
  • Love for cats or Corgis! 😸🐶
What would our working days be without our four-legged friends?

What Else You Should Know About Our Company: WP Media

Founded in 2014 in the beautiful Lyon, France, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +35 teammates living around the world.

Do We Share the Same Values?

Mutual respect, collaboration, and inclusivity.

These are the fundamental values that support our life as a team.

Healthy balance between work and private life.

We encourage our employees to enjoy their family and their hobbies with flexible working hours and minimum vacation policy (you should take a minimum of 5 weeks per year: really, we don’t count them!).

We care about the work you do, not about the hours you sit at your desk.

You can organize your working day with flexible working hours. There are no time cards to stamp, just customers to make happy and friendly teammates to work with!

Transparent culture.

We have a public salary grid. Once a year, when the company does well, we share our profits with the team in the form of bonuses.

We like to see each other in person whenever possible.

Every year, we organize a trip with the whole team and spend a week of coworking and fun activities together.

To give you an idea, so far we have traveled to Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.

Now that we've told you so much about us, it's your turn. 😉

Let us know why you would like to become our Head of Customer and Technical Support and why you think you are the person we are looking for.

We can’t wait to receive your application! 🌟