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Remote Senior Backend Engineer - Join our Fully Remote, Innovative Team job at Mediavine

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Mediavine, a fast-growing advertising management company representing over 7,500 websites in the food, travel, lifestyle and entertainment space, is searching for an experienced Ad Tech Engineer.

We're looking for an engineer to work on our Ad Tech team, with a focus on backend systems that facilitate auctions with advertising partners as well as ad delivery on publisher websites. You'll be working with:

  • Scripts executing on 7,500+ publisher sites
  • Servers operating at 400,000+ requests per minute
  • Services hosting 12,000,000+ auctions per minute

Sound intense? Sometimes! We can promise you won't be bored and you'll have endless opportunities to put your creative problem solving skills to good use.


  • Strong, demonstrable proficiency in Node
  • Experience developing AWS serverless apps
  • Experience working with super-high-throughout databases
  • Experience scaling super-high-throughput systems
  • Stellar problem solving skills and a bit of determination as well. Mind-melting problems come up occasionally and you'll be expected to assist in figuring them out!

  • Experience with Typescript
  • Familiarity with Docker
  • Experience with high-throughput data stores like Cassandra and ScyllaDB
  • Experience developing and using A/B testing mechanisms
  • Knowledge of edge computing and caching strategies with providers like Fastly

  • Travel opportunities (remember those?!)
  • Remote work environment
  • Comprehensive benefits including 401k, Health, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Learning allowance
  • Access to experienced engineers with direct mentorship opportunities
  • Generous Vacation/Time off policies
  • Additional side benefits such as home-office upgrades, tuition reimbursement, paid gym memberships and wellness retreats, upgraded flights, cool swag and more
  • Salary: $120K-$135K