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Senior React Engineer (Remote)

Job description

This is a special opportunity to contribute to an open-source project with 400,000+ active installs full-time. Key skills include modern React.js (e.g. custom hooks, contexts, testing) and developing with enterprise coding standards and workflows. Serve with an exceptional team of world-class engineers at XWP and with our Fortune 100 technology partner. Your contributions will include helping define technical solutions and delivering high quality code efficiently and to plan, with excellent verbal and written communication — while adhering to our values, Agile methodologies, coding best practices, and established team processes.

Areas of Focus

  • Define and deliver solutions to Client-prioritized deliverables

  • Support your peer Engineers

  • Enforce coding best practices and testing requirements

  • Team and Client project-specific communication

  • Estimate effort to complete user stories & tasks


  • Take responsibility for the engineering success of your scope of work

  • Contribute to estimation/effort level for all tickets in the backlog

  • Work closely with others to develop solutions

  • Ensure the delivery of quality code, on time, and as estimated

  • Review and write unit, integration, and regression tests when appropriate

  • Conduct peer reviews for code created by other Engineers

  • Attend Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning and Sprint Review meetings

  • Deploy code and setup build and test environments

  • Follow and help ensure coding best practices

  • Follow Agile SCRUM methodologies

  • Follow and help enforce organizational processes

  • Be a supportive team member and leader

  • Be candid and respectful

  • Have a growth mindset


This is a mid to senior-level contract role, with a typical pay range of USD $8,000-12,000 per month (USD $50 to $75 per hour) depending on proven experience level and engagement terms.

Work Environment

This is a remote role working as a part of a distributed team spanning from Western Europe (GMT+2) to the western United States (GMT-7). Most of your work will be asynchronous, with communication via Slack and Github, with a few meetings per week, typically between 10am-2pm US-ET. The team includes engineers and supporting roles from both XWP and the Client organization.


At XWP you will become part of a much bigger community of X-Teamers from the X-Company brands, which is hundreds strong, and includes XWP, X-Team, and XFive.

One of the ultimate perks of working at XWP is your Unleash+ membership, which gives you $2,500 per year to use toward activities that keep you energized so you can learn, grow and unleash your potential.

Participate in our epic Seasons every quarter, designed to get you energized and doing more of the things you love to do. We'll constantly provide you with new, motivating side quests and challenges, spanning a range of Paths focused around your passions, like travel, coding, gaming, fitness, etc.

Travel to work alongside other X-Teamers at one of our free hacker houses (X-Outposts) around the world. The X-Outpost changes locations monthly, allowing people to explore & work remotely in the most beautiful locations.

XWP is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are strive to create an inclusive environment for all team members.

Job requirements

The most important engineering technologies for this role are as follows (your skills in these areas will carry significant weight):

  • “Modern” React.js (think custom hooks and contexts over class components, HoC’s, and Redux)

  • Semantic HTML and advanced CSS-in-JS

  • Design patterns and data structures

  • Unit testing, integration testing, and frameworks like Jest and react-testing-library

  • Integration with browser APIs and third party librariesGit and related workflows (pull requests, code reviews)

We expect you will have a good working knowledge of most of the following areas of technology and the ability to quickly learn and close any gaps that you encounter while engaged.


  • RESTful Services and APIs

  • Linting JavaScript

  • CI/CD workflows

  • Build-tools like WebPack

  • Docker and/or Vagrant

  • Package management tools like NPM

  • Transpiling ES6 to ES5 using Babel

  • Responsive interfaces

  • Debugging for a wide range of browsers and devices

  • Familiarity with DRY and YAGNI principles

  • Refactoring

You will also want to have these characteristics:

  • Highly organized, motivated, and execution-oriented

  • Self-starter comfortable working in a highly technical environment

  • Demonstrated ability for continuous learning, creativity, and problem solving

  • Ability to work effectively and dependably in remote environments

  • Confidence effectively presenting well-reasoned options to decision makers

  • Ability to make a strong case while listening and remaining open to other perspectives

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