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Remote Software Trouble Shooter (Support Engineer) job at Solar Technology Inc.

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Job Description

As a member of the development team you will be primarily working with customer service to troubleshoot issues which may be bugs, identifying the bugs and fixing them or working with the primary developers on the development team to get them fixed. Additionally, you will collaborate with primary developers to create automated tests and sophisticated simulations to proactively find and fix issues. When not engaged on higher priority items, you will be given small, low-priority development projects to be completed as time permits. This position will be closely collaborative with the primary developers but will involve significant independent responsibilities as well.

Current and future projects to support:

  • The controller for a solar-powered portable message board. The main control software runs in a Linux environment and is written in Java, with supporting C/C++ programs.
  • Central management software which runs on a load-balancing server pool and keeps in constant contact with units, plus client software which communicates with the servers, both written in Java.
  • Legacy Remote control software for message boards, written in Java.
  • A simple web interface for the central management software written in Java over the play framework, with Javascript/jquery in the user interface.

Skills & Requirements

The languages we use are Java, C++, C, Perl, Python, and Javascript. The ideal candidate will have several years experience with Java and at least one other language we use, and the ability to quickly learn new languages, libraries, and tools, as well as several years of experience with Linux at home or on the job. The ability to communicate effectively with non-programmers is a requirement.

Most of our products run embedded Linux and our development environment is Linux based. Our server environment uses MongoDB for database storage. We use git for version control and Jira for issue tracking.

All candidates must be eligible to reside and work in the US. Work from home is an option (most of the software team works from home), but we strongly prefer residence within Pennsylvania or at least within 300 miles of the factory in Allentown, PA. For tax reasons we cannot consider residents of New Jersey, Texas, California, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island. For remote work, a development workstation will be supplied and is the responsibility of the employee to maintain, and a high speed internet connection is required.