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Remote Sr. Fullstack Software Engineer(Node, Typescript) job at CHG Healthcare

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COVID-19 precaution: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our hiring process will now be completely virtual. All interviews will be held online or over the phone. We remain committed to putting our people, customers, and communities first and appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work through this. 

CHG shook things up in 1979 by inventing the locum tenens staffing model. We connect doctors with patients who need their care. As the largest physician staffing firm in America, our providers treat millions of patients each year.

Our industry is growing and demand is high. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in your career. Keeping healthcare healthy can be as fun as it is rewarding.

The (quality) doctor is in.

Modio has streamlined the convoluted and messy process that is healthcare credentialing and saved countless years of manual and error-prone work in the process. As part of CHG Healthcare we are working to drastically improve the speed (and quality) of credentialing to ensure that our doctors can spend more time treating (millions) of patients each year and less time dealing with credentialing headaches.

Our industry is growing and demand is high. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in your career. Keeping healthcare healthy can be as fun as it is rewarding.

Your role:

Our Carbon platform is used to standardize healthcare credentialing data from hundreds of disparate and non-standardized data sources across the deep web. Your role as a senior engineer on the Carbon team spans many different technical disciplines, but the overarching goals are straightforward:

  1. Use automation to detect and fix broken data integrations.
  2. Make it easy for junior developers to write robust and resilient data integrations.
  3. Standardize previously unstandardized (and often confusing) data.
A little about our tech stack:

  • AWS
  • CloudFormation/Terraform
  • Kubernetes/Istio
  • js/TypeScript
If you’re an ambitious reliability-oriented engineer who plays well with others AND can say yes to all of these statements, we are looking for you!

  • If you could dress up as anything for Halloween, you’d dress up as the open-closed principle.
  • You are a doer. Whether you are coming up with projects that align with our vision or helping others do the same, you are doing it proactively.
  • You understand how to design software and systems that are maintainable, robust, easy to understand, and capable of scaling. You also know that not every solution needs to be over-engineered.
  • You should be able to debug technical issues, even if the issue isn’t from “your code” or “your system”.
  • You don’t reinvent the wheel every time you build something new.
  • You can explain complex ideas in plain and simple language (most of the time).

Your qualifications:
  • 5+ years’ experience as a site reliability engineer (or equivalent). Must understand things like caching, web scraping, exponential backoff, serverless, and rate limiting.
  • Professional experience working on backend API code (Node.js/TypeScript preferred but not a hard requirement). Familiarity with defensive coding practices a must!
  • Experience working with serverless functions.
  • Experience with application metrics using StatsD/Prometheus/etc.
  • Experience managing on-call rotations and responding to support incidents.
  • Experience with container technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Experience designing and building APIs.
  • Experience working on a scrum team in an agile environment.
  • Experience mentoring junior engineers and performing code reviews.
  • (Preferred) BA/BS degree in computer science/software engineering.
  • (Plus) Experience with AWS.
  • (Plus) Experience with technical documentation.