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Are you excited and inspired to create the best, most elegant, most usable, most engaging, fun, exciting, and useful product out there? Do you eat, live and breathe great user interface design? Are you obsessed with software and how it can help make people better at what they do?

If so, I want you to join my product team.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Calvin Correli, and I’m looking for two phenomenal UI Designers to join my team. I founded Simplero, a software company that helps coaches, authors, and speakers transform lives at scale through online courses and memberships.

I’m a product visionary, an engineer, and a product guy at heart. I want to partner with you in raising the bar on web UI design, in how it can be designed to let users accomplish their goals, but also take them on a journey of growth, for their business, and—by extension—for themselves personally.

I want a UI that shows them where they’re at, what’s next, and what’s possible.

That highlights the parts of their business that are doing great, and the parts that need attention.

That helps benchmark them against others to see where they have room for improvement, and where they’re ahead.

That gives them a complete overview of their business without overwhelming someone just starting out.

It’s a difficult challenge to solve. Maybe even impossible. But where would we be if no-one ever tried the impossible? So let’s team up and create something we can all be insanely proud of by the time we’re done.

And then, of course, it’s on to the next challenge :)

We’re an all-remote team of 35 passionate about service, personal growth, and simplicity. We have helped 2500 customers in 30 countries make over $170M in real money. We’re bootstrapped and profitable, changing lives with our product and our service, we’re providing livelihoods, and we’re offering a valuable service, especially in these times.

I created Simplero because I wanted to teach spirituality to entrepreneurs. Why?

Because self-aware and purposeful entrepreneurs are the key to solving all the challenges we face in this world. And coaches are the ones that help the entrepreneurs (and other people) be self-aware and find and live their life purpose.

Simplero is growing, and we’re adding more companies and projects to our family. As we continue to grow, we want to expand our reach as far as we can, and that’s why we need you.


A Little Bit About You:
  • You’re passionate about UI, always studying, learning, solving complex UI challenges while you shower because … because you can’t help it.
  • You can quickly sketch UI by hand, and make it look decent … this is super important. We won’t have time to do computer sketches when we’re brainstorming.
  • You love learning, and you’re a very quick study
  • You easily get the big picture
  • You can take something abstract and make it concrete and practical
  • You love users and love seeing the smile on their faces when you hit the sweet spot
  • You have a strong visual sense and can make things that are beautiful and functional

What You’ll Do:
  • Work closely with Calvin on product vision and UI design, both big picture, and in detail
  • Work closely with our engineering team to understand the technical limitations and possibilities
  • Work closely with our product team to understand our customers and their world, their needs, their business
  • Work on UI design sketches in increasing levels of granularity, from high-level concepts to implementation-ready pixel-perfect designs, based on feedback from all stakeholders

What You’ll Need:
  • A portfolio of great UI designs that you have personal created
  • Examples of your hand-drawn low-fi UI sketches
  • A sharp mind and intense hunger for learning


Working with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and allow you to work with world-class talent. We’re a team that loves what we do and thrive on our ability to make an impact. Some benefits that come with working with us are flexible work hours, coaching by our team coach, and lots of opportunities for training and skills development. After all, our business is about personal and spiritual growth!

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