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Amazon PPC Senior Marketer | Part Time Work From Home | US Ad Agency

We are an Amazon Marketing Agency that helps large consumer brands increase their revenue on, and we're looking for an experienced, dedicated Amazon PPC Senior Marketer to join our team.

For this role, we’re looking for people who:
- are skilled at planning, creating, optimizing, and reporting on Amazon PPC ad campaigns 
- can own campaign performance goals and adapt new strategies if campaigns are underperforming
- are adept at interpreting and making decisions off of data
- delegate tasks to junior team members and help them achieve great results
- earn the trust and confidence of our clients 
- clearly and concisely communicate campaign performance and improvement recommendations in written and verbal form 
- take on other marketing tasks as necessary including managing facebook ads, analyzing what is driving the changes in performance and why, and developing new initiatives to hand off to junior teammates 

Across all of the roles on our team, we look for teammates who:
- Own an outcome: Take a high level goal, figure out what it takes to get there, and overcome obstacles that get in the way
- Do right by people: Earn the trust and confidence of our clients, encourage our teammates, and support our company. 
- Develop new knowledge to share with the team: Document new knowledge in procedures and train others to perform tasks just as well as you 

Your future teammates come from different walks of life, but they all share the desire to excel personally and professionally. They have run some of the largest digital advertising campaigns in the world for brands like Apple, Disney, Frigidaire, and Sony and worked at leading technology companies including Google. While our team works hard, we are built on the belief that our job is only one important part of our lives. Our 100% remote culture helps us support each other in making time for family and friends, personal pursuits, and time away from work to recharge. In addition to being dedicated to work, many of our teammates are committed to other important areas of their life. Our teammates include several caregivers for older parents or young kids as well as dancers and athletes training hard to achieve their goals. 

Our bottom line is- you are responsible for getting your work done and supporting your team. Not making a long commute. Not being at your desk. Not playing politics. 

If this sounds like you and you’re looking to grow professionally while making space for the other important areas of life, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the team! 

- research new keywords for ads campaigns
- build out Amazon ad campaigns 
- create analytics dashboards to communicate campaign performance
- analyze ads performance and make optimization recommendations
- interpreting performance and figuring out what moved the needle, and growing revenue 
- describe campaign performance and recommendations in words clearly and concisely

- Skip the long commute and work from anywhere with reliable internet: work from home, a coffee shop, a coworking space. You are responsible for getting your work done, not showing up at an office. 
- 21 Total Days of Paid Time Off: use these days off for holidays (for full-time employees)
- Compensation: bonuses for great performance, with a clear path to raises for additional responsibility. 
- Extra perks including reimbursed Spotify, Headspace, monthly gym membership, and annual book stipend

We have a fun and challenging interview process assessing the four categories below in a mix of take-home projects, in-person case studies, and video calls with the team. 

Role Related Skills 
  • Amazon ad campaign setup, optimization and data analysis
  • Clear and concise written communication to teammates and clients 
  • Delegating to and coaching junior teammates 

  • Internal team communication via email, chat, and video call
  • Client communication via email and occasionally phone
  • Amazon Seller Support communication via email and phone 

Project Management
  • “Always keep the ball rolling”
  • Creating procedures to document and share knowledge with your teammates 
  • Owning outcomes, deadlines, and keeping team and management updated with any changes 

  • Positive, team player attitude
  • Conscientious work ethic
  • Understand the team’s mission and goals 

To begin the application process, fill out the form below with your basic information and the following:


Application Materials: 
  • Your updated resume
  • LinkedIn and any other online profile 
  • A short paragraph on why you are applying for this role 
  • Describe how to do the following for an ecommerce brand on Amazon: 1) create PPC campaigns 2) measure and evaluate campaign performance 3) improve and optimize campaign performance 
  • What is your process for starting working with a new client/brand managing their PPC ads? How do you figure out what's important, what to do, and how to communicate internally and externally?