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Remote 👋🏽 Community + Engagement Manager job at Dark Horse Rowing

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We are looking to add a core team member who can passionately cultivate relationships and comradery in our community, as well as manage our social/public-facing messaging. If you are fulfilled investing time and energy into making connections with people, want to contribute daily and deeply to the building of a brand, and have a desire to do the best work of your life, we want to hear from you! 

An ideal candidate will be enthusiastic and fulfilled by working to improve the lives of others and building personal relationships. A solid understanding of community and social media is preferred, but most important is a conviction about how to foster online community and belonging.

This role will be a core team member of a small and growing company. Hustle and conviction are necessary traits.

It is a major advantage if you are familiar with or willing to learn more about indoor rowing. Experience working with a fitness brand is a plus, but isn't a requirement. 

In this role, you will: 
  • Grow our online community by owning the strategizing, planning, and implementation of communication and engagement tasks
  • Lead and curate our public-facing messaging through social media channels
  • Track trends among our audience, community, and in the broader market 
  • Serve as a core team member, speaking into all areas of the company: product, marketing, sales, and more

Skills You’ll Need:
  • Online Community Strategy + Management for a Brand
  • Social Media Planning + Management for a Brand 
  • Excellent Content Creation Skills
  • Easily Adaptable to New Technology 
  • Ability to Track and Report Business Metrics
  • Creativity in Your Thinking, Writing, Design
  • Experience Working Remotely 

A Dark Horse Team Member Must Have: 
  • Empathy for others
  • A people-first mindset that is motivated to help people as they become better
  • Humility and the ability to control their ego for the well-being of the team
  • The ability to give and receive direct, kind, and candid feedback for the benefit of yourself and the team
  • Pride in the work they do, not satisfied with half-hearted efforts
  • A desire to learn and grow substantially—personally and professionally
  • The ability to take ownership of their scoped responsibilities and the willingness to step in and fill gaps for the sake of our shared goals 

For this project: 
You’ve been put in charge of an online community. The focus/topic of the community is whatever you would like it to be. (Consider choosing something you're personally passionate about.) The voice and tone are whatever you would like to be. In a short (3-10 minute) video, walk us through how you would go about planning 1-week’s worth of engagement in that community. Where would you start and what would you do? Use a screen recording software (such as Loom) to share your camera and screen. 

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Job posted 2021-07-07