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Remote Front End Developer job at OtakuToons

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The Front End Developer works in the marketing team and is responsible for developing new websites, landing pages, and other front-end assets. They will be involved in all stages of a project life cycle from concept and ideation through to building and supporting the website after delivery. They are also responsible for the UX design of both our application and our front end, as well as ideating and executing CRO tests based on improving usability and conversation rate, without prompt from the CMO. 


  • Coming up with creative solutions and presenting this to the team
  • Taking the lead on user Experience and Interactions
  • Excellent HTML5, CSS3 and JS knowledge along with PHP and MySQL
  • Experience with git, pre-processors, tasks runners and CI processes
  • An understanding of UI and UX best practices, and ideating for our application and front end based on this
  • To have knowledge of current accessibility guidelines and web performance
  • Completing your work as per instruction from your Team Member or the Team Members EA

Areas of Work:

Experience Needed:

Front End needs support from the following fields:
  • Back-End support when the website needs a special code or an evaluation of a technical issue
  • Shop apps:  front end works with the developer responsible for the shop apps (Subbly, Shopify or other similar)
  • Marketing:  front end needs marketing clarity before implementing campaigns on the website (landing pages, banners etc.). The clarity is based on the Front End SOP mentioned above. 
  • Graphic department according to the Front End SOP.
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager for establishing goals for landing pages and marketing ideation.
  • SEO ideation: keyword research, blog writing, blog SEO. Front End can technically implement the SEO strategy.

You are in charge of:

  • OtakuToons web pages, sub pages, sections, banners and/or other web elements
  • Prototyping: for the App when requested by the Dev team and/or the CEO
  • Asana Front End management in full
  •  Assigning relevant tasks when needed such as graphics, copy, and others.
  • UX/UI for our Application 
  • Blog post publishing
  • CRO: propose and implement A/B test ideas
  • Reports, as per SOP below.


You must complete the daily check-in each weekday with a one-paragraph overview OR bullet point list of the work you completed that day. This should be completed at the end of your working day <basecamp>

Support provided for this role:

  • Back-End support, if approved by the CMO
  • Graphic department
  • Marketing team: for collaboration and coordination on ideas when needed

Job posted 2021-06-02