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"Build a Product That Sells Itself" - can ANY company really become a unicorn like Slack, Dropbox, Netflix? If you know it, have seen it, or been a part of it, read on...

Most Growth Directors are spread thin on too many experiments to manage. They're getting pushed and pulled in different directions every day from the CEO. They feel like they have little influence over the product roadmap. And they're spending their time on distractions from the metrics they know will drive the company to its goals, wondering if they made a wrong turn somewhere in their career path.

You probably got excited about Growth because you love making an impact, and getting to use both the creative and analytical sides of your brain is a must for you. And as a Growth Director, you probably thought, "Now I'll finally have the influence to really crush every goal." And then the Universe laughed.

What if you could get in the driver's seat, with a bus full of passengers eager to listen and a fully-loaded GPS to guide you? If you didn't spend too much time three levels deep in an Excel formula, or sweating over hex codes, or arguing with the rest of the leadership team?

ProductLed is the leading training and thought leadership destination for product-led growth in B2B SaaS companies. We are self-funded with a fast-growing remote team (currently 6 full time and 8-10 part-time).

And at ProductLed, we know it's possible to build a product that sells itself, because we've helped lots of companies do it. It's our mission to help build a million world-class product-led businesses.

We currently have an opening for a Growth Director. We want a full-time employee, not a contractor, to bring their whole self to work. The person in this role will be a full member of our leadership team, accountable for the company's growth.

We're looking for someone with demonstrated experience in driving growth. Preferably with product-led growth, but we are happy to look at people with experience in training/online learning who are willing to learn PLG principles.

The main things we'll be looking to you for include:

- Set (and smash) revenue goals
- Helm our partnership initiatives
- Market our events and cohort-based programs to fill every seat
- Understand the secret code is 82 even though that might not make sense right now
- Steward our PLG community
- Take charge of our can't-miss events
- Lead and manage our Growth team

Background essentials include:

- Bachelor's degree or equivalent in marketing or related field
- Demonstrated success leading high-performing growth teams
- Experience in designing growth experiments, managing marketing channels, and owning revenue goals
- Adept at building relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Location: Remote

Hours: Flexible with significant availability during business hours in Eastern time.

We will likely get hundreds of resumes for this role and we don't have time to interview very many candidates, so make this stand out if you want a job that will change the entire trajectory of your life.

1. You can reach us at To get us to open the email you MUST put the secret code into the email subject line. If you don't have the secret code, please do not apply.
2. We prefer video cover letters, and we want you to impress us. Make sure it's clear your cover letter was custom-made for this job, that you checked us out online, and tell us why you will outperform expectations should you get this role. It's also essential for you to include your salary requirements. If everything else was perfect, how much would you want to be paid for this role?
3. You can include your resume, but our primary focus will be on your cover letter. Resumes without detailed, specific, custom cover letters will be deleted unread.

Finally, we believe in and are committed to diversity and equity. We encourage candidates to apply who share this commitment, and who embody our core values:

- Be humbly confident
- Help first
- Do the right thing
- Do what you say
- Do work that matters
- Grow or die

Job posted 2021-06-30