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Remote Backend Developer job at Wesrom Corporation

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Back-End Developer

Wesrom is looking to extend its dev team with a passionate, hard-working back-end developer, who will help us build and maintain cool industry-best web applications, like https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dianaindries/better-topics-replayable-card-game-for-couples

“The Only Way To Do Great Work 
  Is To Love What You Do.”

Wesrom’s goal is to create a better tomorrow by helping organizations reach their full potential via marketing, software development, and coaching services. 

We don’t have any job openings in Wesrom. But if you’re interested in building a life-long career, then we’d definitely like to meet you.

We are a nonhierarchical organization composed of passionate professionals. This means the people making decisions are also the ones implementing them. 

You might fit in well at Wesrom if you enjoy teaching yourself whatever you need in order to get things done, and if you enjoy working with a team.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

You’re super passionate about code, software development, and tech in general. You get some of your biggest kicks from finding solutions to complex problems. You obsess over finding not just any solution, but the best solution you’re capable of, and avoid quick-fix shortcuts that aren’t scalable. You take pride in keeping your code clear and modular. At any point in time you can go on vacation knowing another team member can pick up exactly where you left off.

  • Solid experience as a PHP OR Python OR Ruby Developer
  • Good knowledge and experience in object oriented programming
  • Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Dedicated and helpful team player
  • High proficiency in English (written and verbal communication)
  • High degree of independent judgement and complex problem solving skills
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and practices

Good To Have:
  • Solid LAMP experience
  • Some experience with ReactJS / AngularJS / VueJS
  • Experience with GIT or other version control systems
  • Experience in a PHP Framework
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap and LESS/SASS 

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Backend related technology development
  • Single-handedly finding and implementing solutions to any and all issues
  • Daily interfacing with other members of Wesrom and (sometimes) our clients


To help you build the lifestyle you want.

Stable Salary
Monthly, stable income you can count on, right from the start. Money by itself doesn’t make anyone happy, but it sure helps.

Borderless career 
Work from home, another city, or even another continent, whilst still growing your career. We encourage you to travel as much as you wish and enjoy our world's beautiful places and experiences.

40-Hour work weeks
Though our passion for our craft makes most of us put in a few extra hours, no one will ever tell you to work outside of your schedule. Not a peer, nor a team leader and not even the CEO.

Unlimited Vacation Days
Want to go on a trip from Friday to Monday? Go for it! Feel like you just don't wanna work today? No worries! As long as you delivered your due tasks, or asked a team member to help you, we don't mind.

Education Allowance
Whether you're interested in gaining skills within your career, or you want to learn something outside of work, it's OK with us. We support any initiative you feel adds value to you, as a person.


If you feel that you were perfectly described above, please: 
  1. Send your CV to careers@wesrom.com
  2. Tell us what you love about the Better Topics project, and 
  3. Why you’d love working with us on such projects. 

We’re not expecting a novel. Just a taste of who you are, how you think, and what gets you excited. A few sentences are enough. Thanks!