Remote Content Ambassador (Freelance) job at Contra

Apply Now

Hi WWR Fam,

We are opening up applications for our May ambassador program. 

This opportunity is for anyone who has lost projects due to the recent events surrounding COVID19. Please see below: 

With many of us house-bound due to COVID 19, the Contra team wants to continue to support the freelance community. To alleviate some of the stress we’re offering a remote, home-based opportunity for Content Creators. 

We’re looking for Content Creators to work with on an ongoing basis with our founding team. 

We are offering $1,000 monthly for your help. This is a contract / freelance position and requires ~ 8 - 10 hrs / month of your time. 

Also, please make sure to complete your profile on

You should apply if : 
  • experience and passion for social media / brand communication
  • writing skills (experience writing blogs/articles is a big plus)
  • some technical knowledge (we're a tech company, so it's important to us that our marketing team understands and is familiar with our projects)
  • You have an online portfolio or PDF that you can share with us

What will your day-to-day look like?
  • You will help us with UI testing, new feature launches, and content creation.
  • Sharing articles/content created by Contra members on your social profiles or with your communities. (usually 1 share per week). 
  • In general, acting as an advocate for the Contra platform using your online presence. 

  • Fully completed profile on
  • Agree to provide UX/UI Feedback (within 3 days of asking)
  • Agree to provide Beta testing of new features on the platform (within 3 days of asking)
  • Share and recruit through personal referral link
  • Share Contra articles and content on a regular basis (these will be provided through Slack)


• 2+ years of experience creating content or managing social channels
• Had ownership of many social consumer channels over the years, and understand what it takes to create awesome, consumer-oriented experiences
• Great communication skills that help you work with product and engineering to make product visions come to life