Remote Product Engineer Who Loves UX job at HeySummit

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HeySummit is hiring a Product Engineer to help us grow the best platform for sharing knowledge with the world. If you consider yourself full-stack, but with a heavy preference for front-end, product design, and are obsessive about user experience, we'd love to connect.

About the Role
HeySummit has experienced a significant burst of users which has been great for building our community and mission. While this growth has been positive, one of our biggest goals is to build a fantastic product that delights and makes a difference.
Joining us at this early stage means you have the opportunity to meaningfully shape the product. As an early member of the team, you’ll get to know how the customers use the product, become deeply knowledgeable about the architecture, and write production code for new features as well as improvements. Your opinions carry meaningful weight in our decisions about the direction of the product.

Key Responsibilities
* Improving features to spec in production code in the frontend (currently: JQuery, Bootstrap, Less), backend (Django + PostgresSQL), and architecture (AWS) with a key focus in front-end development and ensuring anything we ship looks and feels great
* Using modern frontend frameworks like React,Vue.js, and Angular to introduce new features and refactor existing ones to modernise and expand the platform
* Working on integrations between HeySummit and the tools our customers love to use
* Liaising with the product and customer happiness team to figure out issues and work on new features and improvements

About You
* You pride yourself on writing clean, easy to read code
* You have experience with Django and React/Vue.js/Angular
* You are diligent about contributing to documentation
* You understand the value that fixing bugs brings to customers
* You feel comfortable interacting with nontechnical stakeholders
* You have experience with CI/CD
* You test your code before every push
* You create automated tests as you build
* You are interested in self-improvement
* You see the value of engaging with the whole team on a daily basis

**Please note, there are a series of questions that will need to be answered at the bottom of the application**