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We're looking for a third person to join our merry band in the role of customer support, love and handholding. 

Before you read too far, be advised that some form of experience with coaching is a hard requirement. If you’ve never been in some sort of personal development program where coaching played a part (either you being the coach or being coached by someone else), you will not be considered (sorry!). 

Structure of the role

The customer support role is split, more or less, into three thirds:

The first third is fielding customer support issues as they come in. Generally via email, though sometimes we take the initiative to call and knock it out over the phone (in our business, customers are often really stoked to hear from a real person!).

The second third is making ourselves available for demos, help sessions, consultations (affectionately referred to as hand holding sessions, these are where we get to shine by letting our customers get to talk to and be guided by A REAL PERSON).

The third third is where we have time and bandwidth to do things above and beyond just reacting to incoming needs and requests. This is when we do outreach to our customers (affectionately dubbed “doling out customer love”), improve and expand our learning resources (like writing articles and making help videos), and take on other sorts of projects to further our mission to serve coaches.

Each of these thirds affords opportunities to shine and excel, and gives a lot of variety from day to day plus opportunities to learn. The third third in particular is ripe for you to bring your creativity and have your voice heard to make lasting contributions.

Structure of the position

The position is full-time, 40-45 hours per week during business hours in North America. On average about 2 of these hours per week will be over the weekend to cover incoming support issues. The position is remote, though may occasionally require commuting for in-person demos and meet ups, and several times a year entails travel for conferences and in-person work with the team (er, when things settle down with this whole COVID-19 thing, ahem!). You must be a US resident. 

Compensation and Benefits

Because our team is so small, it is vitally important for us to find the right fit in adding number three. Therefore the first two months is a test period during which you’ll be an hourly contractor earning $30/hour. You can start full time to begin or we can be flexible to allow you to ramp up as needed to assist with your transition. 

After two months if we agree this is a Good Thing™, congratulations! That’s what we’re going for and you will then be offered a full-time salaried position starting at $60,000 per year. As a salaried employee vacation benefits apply: holidays plus THREE weeks off per year. Your discretionary paid time off is earned pro rata as you go starting from your official employment hire date. 

After two months as a salaried employee, the following additional benefits kick in: 
  • $100 monthly fitness allowance ($1200 per year)
  • $500 per year continuing education allowance (to learn ANYTHING you want, doesn’t need to be job related; we know that curious and happy employees are the best kind)
  • $50 monthly internet/phone allowance ($600 per year)
  • QSEHRA health insurance premium reimbursement benefit of up to $5,150 per year for self-only employees ($429.17 per month) and $10,450 per year for employees with a family ($870.83 per month)
  • SIMPLE IRA 100% match of up to 3% of salary (3% of $60,000 is $1800)

Cash value of these benefits maxed out: $1200 + $500 + $600 + $5150 + $1800 = $9250

Total compensation adds up to $69,250 + 3 weeks paid vacation

Requirements and Applying

Again, you need to have some sort of coaching experience to be considered. Please do not apply if you don’t have that.

Have that sort of background? Great! The next step is to watch this video.

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