Remote Data Migration Specialist & PHP Developer job at EmpowerDB

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We are a cloud based database company serving non-profits, mostly Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault support providers.  We are looking for a person to help with two tasks:

Data Migration

Many of our customers are switching to us from some other system.  We get data in every shape, size, format, level of complexity, and level of cleanliness that you can imagine.

We have built a special data import tool to help facilitate the data migration process.  So there's minimal writing code to teach the system that "Female" should be code 1, "Male" should be code 2.  Etc...  The tool that we've built makes that process incredibly easy.  However, knowledge of PHP and MySQL are needed to understand how that tool is working and help fill in any gaps.

What's NOT incredibly easy is being able to look at the source files coming in, understanding what that data is actually describing... looking at the way our database is structured, understanding what our database is describing... and figuring out how to get the various pieces from the previous system to ours.  It takes a lot of creativity, problem solving, and training to work out how to properly import all data with the least chance of data being lost or duplicated.

We are already fully versed in how this process works and are simply looking for additional support.  We are looking for people who are open to learning our tool and adapting to our ways of accomplishing this incredibly important task for our customers.

Strong communication skills and English ability would be a valuable asset.

PHP Developer

We are also looking to hire someone who could also help out with our general product development and debugging.

We use PHP (no framework), JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML.  That's basically it.  We intentionally keep it simple.

Our main needs revolve around building custom reports and making additional tools for importing and exporting data. But there will certainly be a very mixed bag of tasks that you'll be given.

Job Structure

You would be an independent contractor.

We are flexible on whether this would be a part time or full time position.  We would much rather focus on finding someone who was a good fit for our company than trying to find someone who can work a certain number of hours.

Applicants can be from anywhere in the world.  But we'd expect you to work some hours overlapping with our US Eastern Time schedule.

To Apply

Simply fill out our application form here:  https://forms.gle/iAxppruANc8gB4g18 

We'll reach out to you within days if we feel like you could be a good fit.

We will not respond to recruiters or follow up emails.  Please no emails!!!