Remote Engineering Director - Platform job at Ebury

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 As an Engineering Director, you will own a Technology department Platform’s delivery commitments and performance. You will negotiate with stakeholders to deliver a good mix of tech and product improvements that yield the best outcome to meet Ebury’s strategic plan. 

The Platform Group in Ebury Technology Department is responsible for the reliability of the platform.  With responsibility for its cloud infrastructure,  support operations and release management.

You will form, grow and evolve a team of highly motivated individuals that focus on accountability and continuous improvement.

Role and Responsibilities

  • They own the Service Level Objectives of the Platform ensuring Reliability and Flexibility of the infrastructure.
  • They are accountable for support services for internal and external users as a Level-2 and Level-3 with 24x5 response times for incidents and emergencies.
  • They lead the CI/CD and automation of Quality Gates within Ebury. 
  • They are accountable for team Quality, Productivity and Predictability performance.
  • They motivate team members to stay curious and continuously improve quarter to quarter.
  • They own delivery commitments of the group to product management and other stakeholders
  • They lead by defining quarterly KPIs and using data to monitor progress and achievement. 
  • They care deeply about performance, reliability and scalability and own (define, implement, improve) appropriate metrics to measure them. 
  • They promote a value(customer and company )-centric culture across team members
  • They work with the Tech Architecture and Product functions to implement the technology roadmap. 
  • They drive a team-based culture based on agile principles and promote ownership between team members. 
  • They own team members' performance and potential; actively take action to plan their career paths or manage low performance.
  • They proactively manage team headcount, driving the hiring process for new members and mitigate attrition risks.
  • They keep high performers in Ebury and help them define a career plan beyond the scope of their organisation (if needed).
  • They are accountable for the infrastructure and software costs of their group.


  • Experienced running mission critical platform and infrastructure cloud environments
  • Led 24x5 follow-the-sun support teams from Financial or similar sector platforms
  • Shows a broad understanding of the business context of work happening across the organisation.
  • Recognised industry leader in their Group area. Can discuss technical solutions with their teams.
  • Good English communication to a diverse audience (individual team contributors to Senior management) 
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Previously managed teams with production systems recognisable for outstanding performance.
  • Experience leading engineering teams +50 people across multiple regions including remote team members.

Want more reasons to join us?

  • Work on remote-first teams, so you won’t miss on water cooler conversations
  • You will work remotely, but you will never feel alone. Get introduced to others via Donuts 
  • Get ready to enjoy and become a crucial part of the project since day 1! With our remote-focus onboarding process
  • Live wherever you want, but we look for stability. At this point in time, we are not open to digital nomads.
  • Work autonomously. 
  • Keep 100% focused! 

We also apply Agile methodologies and organize our teams in different tribes in order to make coordination, communication, learning and productiveness key elements in our daily work. 

Due to our remote-first organisation and our remote-focused onboarding system, you will feel a crucial part of the team since day 1. Curious about what working remotely is like at Ebury? Take a look here and see what our remotes say about us!

If there’s something that you can do in our Tech team, it is growing professionally: thanks to our career path and our collaborative and cross-working teams, every day is a new adventure. Get ready to take your career to the next level!