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Are you a numbers-driven marketing expert who would like to have a major role in a fast-growing company? 

Are you currently on a team that doesn't appreciate your genius and drive and you're ready to work somewhere that does?

Do you find yourself seeing the world in numbers and data and have an unusually strong ability to look at a marketing strategy or Facebook ad account and instantly see new ideas and opportunities you could test? 

Are you genuinely lit up and excited when it comes to Facebook marketing and the fact there are always new strategies you can test out?

Maybe you’ve assumed roles that seem like the perfect fit on paper, but don’t give you the opportunity to really showcase your analytical & strategic expertise to the best of your ability.

Maybe you've been working on a team where you're just not feeling appreciated or simply not given the opportunity to make a difference and really contribute to Facebook ad account success and strategy implementation changes. 

This position is for you if you’re looking for a job where you will wake up excited to start working, where you will have the freedom to dive deep into account audits and quality control, create new strategies, and support our team to increase client results and retention. This role will allow you to combine your passion for data, your sharp eye for spotting inconsistencies and love of strategic Facebook marketing! 

Hirsh Marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in North America managing over $1M each month in revenue for our client base of thought leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs rocking their respective niches from every corner of the globe.

And right now, we’re looking for an amazing Facebook Account Auditor to join our incredible team and provide us with stellar support in 30 + client accounts! 

If you find yourself checking these boxes when describing yourself, you might just be a fit:
  • Expert level Facebook ad and advertising strategy knowledge
  • Worked in Facebook ads manager for 2-3+ years
  • Expert level knowledge of digital marketing and advertising (digital products, influencers, courses, etc.)
  • Fully understands all metrics that must be tracked and monitored when it comes to Facebook ad and funnel performance 
  • Thinks critically and naturally goes deep to pick things apart and find problems or gaps 
  • Able to take initiative and see problems before they happen
  • Can review data and make decisions based on what the numbers are saying
  • Understands and can read and improve tracking spreadsheets in your sleep
  • High-level communication skills with an internal team

The Roles & Responsibilities Of This Role Include The Following:

  • Audit all client accounts on a rotating basis to look for gaps in strategy being executed
  • Audit all client accounts on a rotating basis to look for additional suggestions and strategies that would support getting the client above or beyond their ROI goals
  • Serve as an internal second set of eyes on all client accounts looking for mistakes, gaps or missed opportunities with the Facebook ads specifically
  • Review all our clients weekly tracking spreadsheets on a rotating basis and look for formula errors, data that doesn’t make sense or incomplete reporting that needs more detail or information to portray the accounts and funnel performance
  • Support our ads teams by going deeper than our senior strategists are able to with strategy and account performance and provide all ads managers with suggestions to test and improve in their accounts. These suggestions could be audiences to try, different forms of scaling, budgets that need adjusting or are not being met, messaging that is off, etc. 
  • Constantly studying and learning new Facebook ad strategy trends and educate the Ads Team as new strategies are rolled out
  • Watch for trends and intel as we test new strategies as a team so we can collaborate across the whole ads team and support all our ads managers and ultimately clients in getting the most up to date information about what is and isn’t working right now
  • Combining the intel and data you get by reviewing all of our teams ad accounts and flagging to management any gaps or misunderstanding in our current teams training, skills or processes 
  • Support with resources or training suggestions based on findings in account audits  
  • Work one on one with Ads Managers to improve their Facebook strategy knowledge and confidence
  • Attend and contribute to the Ads Team weekly meeting with strategy findings and suggestions that the whole team would benefit from 

We believe in giving our team members ownership of their day to day responsibilities and the opportunity to grow and thrive in a position that leaves them fulfilled at the end of every.single.day. 

We're obsessed with growth and doing the unheard of and our promise to every employee is that no matter what, they will leave our company a stronger and better person than when they started.