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Clearsummit ( is a tight-knit digital agency that believes in solid engineering and beautiful design. Our team is based in Los Angeles but has contributors in North and South America. We are a collaborative team and want to help everyone hone their craft, do amazing work, and delight our clients.

We believe that less code is usually better code. We try to remove processes that are tedious so we can focus on new problems while leveraging all the patterns we've built in the past. We rely on our teams from design, product, engineering and QA to be avid fans of product, and to not just check a box for features, but to be vocal about how we can improve our client's products, our own products, and our processes.

We are looking for a mid-level to architect full-stack engineer who can work closely with our product managers and clients to quickly craft software that has low technical debt.

  • Work with diversified clients across EdTech, Water IoT, Music Tech and more.
  • Clients come to us as partners, rather than just hiring "another dev shop". We push back when our clients are making the wrong decisions, and we make sure we bring the best products to market.
  • Our products have been featured by Apple, won CES innovation awards, and been acquired.
  • Small team, lots of opportunities to grow and shape the future of the company
  • We are a no ego, no bs, collaborative group passionate about our craft, code, design & products

  • ReactJS & React-Native (Typescript)
  • Python & Django / Node
  • Infra: AWS, Heroku, Docker
  • CI / CD: CircleCI & BuddyBuild

  • Building UX and coding patterns to greenfield apps and platforms that contain top tier design patterns quickly. With our Starter Kit we abstract patterns that are seen in many leading apps to allow us to build amazing applications in rapid time. Think isomorphic, optimized, E2E automated tested, app and web platform deployed to the cloud with developer optimized components and backend API to enable rapid prototyping.
  • Build a logging system that allows us to load a user in the field's exact path and replay their exact history, so you don't have to try to reproduce a reported bug.
  • Building systems that help us maintain high code coverage. Right now our backends automatically create mocks for every API endpoint, which our frontend consumes and uses for visual regression screenshots on every commit. We usually get ~70% test, mock, and visual coverage of our view and model layers with just a few lines of code.

  • Collaborating with our Product, Engineering and QA teams to build and improve our and our client's products
  • Designing and implementing well-tested, highly optimized applications, components and libraries for web, iOS and Android
  • Abstracting leading patterns to help build our Starter Kit

  • Can overlap at least 5 hours with UTC-7 (PTC) timezone (9AM PST - 5PM PST)
  • Strong programming skills with languages like JS/TS and/or Python
  • Ideally familiarity with one or more of: ReactJS, React-Native, Python, Django, Microservices
  • 5+ years of professional software development experience
  • Bachelor's degree in STEM (or equivalent) preferred
  • Familiar with SQL and data modeling
  • Able to articulate advanced concepts to other engineers and well as non-technical individuals
  • Offer multiple approaches to problems, and the risks involved โ€” from the more perspectives the better (Engineering, UX, Product, Project)
  • Self-motivated, resourceful, and can get things done with minimal direction
  • Able to tackle large projects and deliver on time
  • Can work well as part of a fast-paced remote-first startup-style culture
  • Passionate about eliminating technical debt
  • Bonus points: Familiarity with ASTs

  • ๐Ÿ’ป Hardware stipend
  • ๐Ÿ Flexible vacation policy
  • ๐ŸŽ‰ Special requests welcome!