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Remote Javascript / React Engineer job at Mango Voice

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You will get to...

  • Take ownership of a mobile application that is used daily by thousands of passionate customers.
  • Build in a challenging environment of real-time audio, C++, JNI, Obj-C, React Native, Redux.
  • Contribute to Open Source projects in WebRTC and React Native to further the future of communication.
  • Enhance the performance and capabilities of our React Native and evolve its architecture to meet the demands of the business
  • Lead architectural initiatives to further our development efforts

You’ll do it with your...

  • 5+ years experience delivering software and working on teams
  • Intense focus on customer needs and maintaining high quality code
  • Strong front-end experience building and maintaining React and ReactNative applications
  • Experience effectively managing source control (Git)
  • Experience with Web Services, Websockets, and REST
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS, or equivalent with programming experience

You'll love it because...

  • Frequent trips to visit the rest of the team and relax
  • We are a remote friendly, results oriented company
  • Daily dedicated learning time and budgets
  • Competitive compensation
  • Healthcare 

How we work 

  • We keep it safe - it’s okay to be wrong, not know, or fail.
  • We are good teammates - the hardest and most important thing we can be
  • We collaborate - software is a team sport and communication is key
  • We own our code and our bugs - quality, security, performance are on us
  • We independently ship code to production - direct connection to customers
  • We limit waste and maximize value - we make plans but focus on delivery

Javascript / React Engineer

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