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Remote Marketing Whiz: Jack of All Trades (Landing Pages, Email Automation, Social Media Content) job at Spark Membership Software

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Love marketing? 

Passionate about the holistic view from the content they see on social, to the landing page they head to, to the follow up emails + sms sequence, and beyond?

Itchy to always finish projects, improve, and keep moving forward? Do you have trouble sitting still?

Are you able to go 100% in on projects, but then completely detach and leave them behind if it turns out it's the wrong direction, or a better direction is identified?

This just might be a match made in heaven. 

We're looking for someone eager and burning to work. You move fast, but smart. You understand that action creates momentum which creates success and opportunity. 

You also are a whiz at: 

- Landing page creation
- Email + sms marketing / automation
- Content creation (FB posts that resonate, from deep insights to new feature announcements) 
- Offer creation 

If this sounds like your dream position, apply now. 

If you're anything short of passionate and enthusiastic, respectfully, please do not.