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We are aThemes, a freemium WordPress themes company (we also run a popular blog) and we are looking for a Product Manager to take ownership of the themes side of our business. Our most popular theme is Sydney: It has 100k+ installs on

This is a fully remote position and you can work from anywhere in the world.

What You’ll Do

There are three questions you will seek to answer.

1. How do we get more users? This is the marketing side. Partnerships can play a big role here, for example.  

2. How do we improve our themes? This is the product side. This will involve determining what customers want via analysing competitors, reading reviews and feedback, checking Facebook groups etc. 

3. How do we increase revenue from themes? This is related to 1 but not exactly the same: we run a freemium model and more free users means more paying users, but it is also possible to upsell our existing users more effectively and increase revenue that way, for example, without needing more users. Equally if we are getting more users but revenue isn’t going up we would have to ask why. These are the kinds of things you will be thinking about.

Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years of product management, growth and marketing experience
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Self-starter, capable of working independently, without much supervision
  • Organized and time efficient 
  • Ability to co-ordinate with other members of a team: designers, developers, and so on
  • Experience working with WordPress 

Nice to have
  • An understanding of the WordPress theme market and where it is going (e.g. rise of page builders/Gutenberg)
  • An understanding of the WordPress business ecosystem, i.e. who the big players are and what the trends are for the industry as a whole 

We’ve never hired for this role before so it is difficult to give a precise estimate of hours but we would start you out on 5 per week and would expect this to move up to 10 hours a week or more. We are flexible.

We’re looking to hire in the $30 to $50 an hour range. Please include your hourly rate in your application. 

We are a remote team of 7 trying to have an impact in the WordPress world. Come and join us if that sounds like fun to you! 

Send a CV and cover letter to and please address the following questions:

What is your product management, marketing and growth experience? 

What is your experience with WordPress?

Have you worked in a remote team before? 

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