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As a Senior Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to make a wide impact on our tooling, coding standards, and codebase. Primer believes in creating an environment that encourages and creates opportunities for growth. Whether it’s helping create and contribute to a set of architectural principles, or pushing us to adopt high-impact OSS, we need engineers to help us make those decisions.

From your first day, you’ll drive the technical implementation of a major feature. You might...
  • and build horizontally scalable microservices to ingest, analyze, and understand documents
  • an information retrieval architecture combining document, graph, and entity search
  • ...develop APIs that showcase our technology stack and enable third-party integrations
  • ...contribute to the back-end and front-end of immersive user experiences that render complex data in a comprehensible way
  • ...Evaluate, adopt, and contribute back to open-source software to build out the Primer technology stack
Experiences we like
  • Expertise in Python, GoLang, or Java (Python preferred)
  • Experience leading commercial software technical projects end-to-end in an agile environment on any major cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc)
  • Experience with data ingestion and processing systems at scale - online, streaming, or batch
  • 4+ years of shipping commercial software (SaaS, or PaaS) to third parties outside your company  (At least two major release cycles, including learnings from bugs you and the team have had to fix).
Bonus Points
  • Data-driven engineering; using metrics to drive decisions and inform performance/cost tradeoffs
  • Hands-on DevOps experience with cloud infrastructure
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, Redis, Postgres, and Graph DBs

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