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Remote Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Team job at Rocket.Chat

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We’re looking for a new member for our Cloud team! This team delivers important features for Rocket.Chat users around the world, being responsible for the easiest way to try and use our Rocket.Chat via the cloud, to access our omnichannel services, gateways and many other critical services. 

Our Cloud team plans out new services and builds them to run in a highly available way; they plan, manage and secure our infrastructure for our external and internal services, learn how to best Deploy Rocket.Chat and use their knowledge to develop solutions for customers to deploy. 

What you’ll do

This position and the person filling it is a key part of our team. You’ll be responsible for developing, maintaining and improving the services we offer our customers, being critical for helping us be agile and developing solutions for our customers. You’ll be involved in:

  • Creating services/features to help us meet customer needs
  • Adding features to existing services
  • Ensuring our services are built with performance and reliability in mind
  • Work with infrastructure automation
  • Ensuring services work with many versions of Rocket.Chat and ensuring the minimum technical debt
  • Writing services that can scale with increased demand
  • Keeping security in mind and creating a testable code

What’s required

The role you’ll perform requires fluent English communication for communicating with your teammates since you’ll be part of a multinational team. This position is open for remote work, so there’s no location requirement. We also need you to have: 
  • Language Familiarity (Javascript, Golang)
  • Infrastructure skills (both on-prem and cloud)
  • Familiarity with “cloud-native”
  • Good async communication skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Teamwork


Wherever you are our goal is to make your routine as a Rocketeer feel enjoyable, exciting and comfortable, so if you are remote or working from our office in Porto Alegre (Brazil) you’ll receive a set of benefits to improve your work experience!

About Rocket.Chat

Today one of the largest open source projects in the world with more than 1000 developers, Rocket.Chat has advanced as a platform that empowers people to collaborate with others, while empowering individual teams to fully customize their platform to meet their unique needs.
As Rocket.Chat we believe in collaborating to create a more collaborative world! See yourself in that? So apply now!

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