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Remote Symfony/PHP Developer wanted - Bring your skills to the beach, mountains or wherever you want job at MoLabs Ltd.

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Start your fully remote (work) life or take it to the next level. I’m happy to help you with your transition. Choose your salary, weekly hours, vacation days and work (almost) whenever you want.
You will work in a trust based and result orientated positive environment. No boss breathing down your neck.
Be an employee or work on an open end contract, its your choice.

For now it would only be you and me, but with increasing demand more people will join.
No client contact needed, only if you want. Twice a year I'll organise a workation.

Projects you’ll be working on
  • A custom ERP system for a Full-Service Amazon Agency with a 370GB DB and asynchronous task processing using RabbitMQ
  • A holiday home search engine where every millisecond of response time counts
  • A platform that connects innovators and entrepreneurs to expert help using GraphQL and Video-Chat/XMPP