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Remote Ruby on Rails Full-Stack Support Engineer - USA Only job at Health eFilings

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Ruby on Rails Full-Stack Support Engineer 
NOTE: This position is US-based only and requires US citizenship
Reporting Relationships
Reports to the CTO
This position is a member of the Engineering team and has no direct reports at this time
Position description
We are hiring to fill a role in our Engineering team dedicated to application support. This is a development role that provides second-level support.  You will be the primary developer fixing issues opened by our Operations team. While you will not interface with customers directly, you will have a direct impact both on the customer’s experience and the productivity of our Operations team. You will use your troubleshooting, analytic, technical, and organization skills continuously.  As a member of the Engineering team, you will, as time allows, also work on new development projects. 
Position Responsibilities:
  • Investigate and address high-priority issues
  • Write unit tests to prove issues are fixed
  • Perform regression testing
  • Participate in normal Engineering code reviews - review team’s code and fix defects found in reviews of your code
  • Release builds to production systems
  • Normal maintenance of code - both annual and more frequent updates
  • Task automation for productivity improvements
Ideal Candidate Qualities
  • Keen analytic mindset
  • Ability to investigate and learn from existing codebase
  • Clear technical communication
  • Results-oriented
  • Full-stack experience
  • Knowledge of Ruby and Rails
  • Passion for code quality
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
Company Overview
Health eFilings is a healthcare IT company based in Madison, WI. The company has proprietary software that has been certified by the ONC and is an enterprise solution for healthcare practices that need to comply with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reporting requirements for quality data as well as the management of data analytics for purposes of population health management. We are the leaders in an important growing market and are looking for the right individual to join our talented engineering team.

The candidate should be comfortable working remotely and able to communicate effectively through collaboration tools. The candidate must actively look for feedback, as it’s provided regularly, so we can all grow professionally and exceed the expected deliverables for the engineering team.
Our Engineering Values:
  • Extreme focus on quality of code
  • You are judged not by hours worked, but by your productivity and the quality of your work
  • Diversity of opinion is important – no one contributor has all the right answers
  • Be open to providing and receiving feedback, and change how you work based on it
  • We believe in functional patterns and meta programming – to the degree to which it produces high-quality, maintainable software
  • All changes should be reviewed, and all functionality should be unit tested
 Technology Stack:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Go
  • React
  • Postgres
  • Kubernetes
  • Git
  • Base salary commensurate with experience and skill set
  • Opportunity for an annual bonus
  • PTO
  • Company sponsored health insurance
  • Requires minimal travel with an occasional company/team meeting in Madison, WI
Please email resume and compensation requirements to:

Job posted 2021-04-12