HeroCoders IS HIRING

Remote SENIOR/LEAD full-stack software developer (NodeJS + React) job at HeroCoders

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About Us and Why We’re Hiring

We help people use Jira efficiently by creating great apps for everyday tasks. We make tools for software and business teams that are used by over 20 000 companies worldwide. We have a few hundred thousand of active users and we grow over 100% annually. We are proud of what we accomplished so far, but we also have ambitious goals for the future.

We are looking for individuals that will help us realize those goals together. There are plenty of new features to build, and new products to develop.

You’ll be part of the team developing Issue Checklist, Epic Maps, and Clone Epic Template.

Our technical stack

We run our apps on heroku. We use:
  • JavaScript (ES6) and React with Atlaskit components
  • NodeJS with Express
  • Jetbrains IDEs (Rubmine, Webstorm)
  • Mongo
  • Heroku, NewRelic/Datadog, PagerDuty, Sentry, CircleCI, etc.
  • Atlassian tools, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket


You’re a software developer with over five years of professional, full-time experience. You spent at least three of those years working with NodeJS or React. You write easy-to-maintain software while keeping in mind upcoming features.

You’re a perfect match if:
  • you know technologies we use and are able to deliver solutions using them
  • you’re a self-sufficient developer and you get things done
    • you will check and suggest Jira APIs we can use,
    • you will talk through a proposed solution with the rest of the team,
    • you will implement and test your idea,
    • you’ll deploy your changes and make sure they are working correctly in the real world,
    • you’ll update our technical documentation,
    • if needed you will answer customers on support,
    • you will analyze how customers use what you delivered,
    • when needed you will report bugs to Atlassian,
    • you will look for solutions on StackOverflow or Atlassian forums
  • you understand that working in a team also means communication, i.e.:
    • participating in code reviews,
    • solving problems on support,
    • making the team work better together,
    • asking for help if something isn’t going as expected
  • you have conversational English skills to
    • talk with a client on a call,
    • communicate daily with your team members in English,
    • update our technical documentation or help write a blog post

How you’ll work at HeroCoders

Be a part of the solution
You’ll work closely with a product owner and the team to design and implement the features we want to build. Part of your job will be discovering what’s technically possible, figuring out what would be an ideal step-by-step implementation (we don’t do large pull requests and we use feature flags). You will also help us build monitoring tools to make sure everything works as expected, and implement analytics to know if people are actually using what we’ve built.

Live where you want
We’re a remote company since day one. We don’t have an office. Our founders are located in Poland and as long as there’s some time overlap with Central Europe you’re welcome to live anywhere.

No crazy hours
We want everyone to have a full life outside of HeroCoders. We seldom work more than 40 hours per week. There have been rare occasions where things got a little crazy, and people logged some extra hours but then they took additional time off to balance it all out. We work hard and smart, but we’re in this for the long haul; there’s no need to go crazy on the hours.

It’s great to work anywhere but we also believe it’s great to meet in person and have some fun together. We try to organize at least one retreat yearly and spend some quality time together. Eat great food, have a drink, and talk about life. Or do cool stuff together.


  • B2B net salary between 5500 – 7000 USD (22 000 – 28 000 PLN) per month,
  • 3 weeks of paid leave
  • 20% time for side projects
  • one-week-long hackathon event each quarter,
  • drive your self-development – we offer you an opportunity to grow professionally in areas of your choosing, for example:
    • you can become a database guru and optimize our production,
    • if DevOps is something you like you can manage our datadog,
    • or maybe you want to learn more about product development and help us manage our backlog,
    • you’ll have the freedom to chose your path
  • we’re a small company and you will participate in business decisions,
  • work on products loved by real people ❤️

Hiring process

We try to make it lightweight and fun.
  • Take-home task – a small and easy coding exercises that should not take you more than 30 minutes in total,
  • Take-home assignment (expected no more than 30-60 minutes), this will be a single bigger task for you to work at home,
  • General interview (60-90 minutes) we will discuss the results of your take-home assignments, give you feedback, we’d also talk more about you, your personality, values, you will also meet your future manager,
  • Team interview (60 minutes) get to know with a team you’ll be working with, it’s time for you to interview us  
  • Job offer and feedback

Job posted 2021-04-01