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Talent Opening: Software Product Engineer

Strategyzer’s success depends on its stellar people who help companies around the world build new engines of growth based on our proven methodology and technology-enabled services.

We are a fully remote virtual team that stretches across 12 countries. Our team contributes directly to the unique company culture we have today and is committed to transforming traditional management practices to build a truly great place to work.

We’re looking for a Software Product Engineer to help us build the technology platform to deliver leading tools and services which transform the way global organizations innovate and grow. Real-time collaboration and design, dynamic data management, visualization, and integrated services combine to create a modular operating system that enables scalable, measurable solutions for many of our customers’ greatest business challenges.

You will keep the big picture in-sight whilst digging into the tiny code details to solve problems.

Team members at Strategyzer enjoy:

  • World-Class Team: Be part of a highly visible, globally recognized organization, and contribute to a paradigm shift in strategy and innovation in the world’s leading enterprises.
  • Strong Company Culture: We strive to create an environment with strong psychological safety, and frequent feedback structures, to allow our people to do their best work.
  • Flexible Working: Work from anywhere globally, or from our physical office hubs in Toronto, Canada, or Zurich, Switzerland. We offer flex hours for our team to work when they are most productive.
  • Growth Allowance: Professional and personal development are vital at Strategyzer. All team members get an annual growth allowance for conferences, courses, certifications, coaching, and more. We also include an annual book allowance.

The Software Product Engineer’s Mission & Outcomes

This role is for a craftsperson who is passionate about building quality software to solve problems that customers care about.

Your mission is to…

  • Take a journey in the customer's shoes. Empathize with the customer, talk with the customer to understand who they are and their problems & needs.
  • Build products customers love. Be accountable for delivering outcomes, not features.
  • Solve problems with simple and clean designs.
  • Care about quality, write code that is tested, easy to understand, and to change.
  • Contribute and take the lead in our processes and initiatives.
The successful candidate will immediately contribute in the following ways:

1. Fall in love with the problem.

The Software Product Engineer needs to first understand and deeply care about the customer’s problems and needs. With this empathy and deeper understanding, the successful candidate will be able to make better decisions as you design & build solutions. This is far more than just coding; you will also get to interview customers and share evidence to influence the product we build.

2. Be a leader.

The successful candidate will be expected to lead. Whether that’s to explore a problem, to deliver a solution, a technical innovation, to change the way we operate, or lead any other initiative that would have a positive impact on the team or product. There are many initiatives we expect a candidate to get excited about, be proactive and take the lead on. In addition, opportunities exist for those who show passion to get involved.

You’ll be accountable for outcomes, with the autonomy to lead and get the job done. You must be transparent in setting out what success looks like while monitoring and reporting on your progress.

3. Product & team impact.

As well as your own work, the successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the team with code reviews, running retros, facilitating workshops, sharing learnings & ideas. Shape how we make software by bringing new ideas of ways to work and relevant technology while leading by example and constructively challenging the status quo.

You will also be expected to deliver high-quality features, not only external customer-facing quality but also internal design & code quality that is well tested and easy for others to change. Sometimes the situation will be different, and solutions need to be explored and validated. In these situations, the successful candidate needs to be comfortable with changing their approach and trading quality for speed.

Requirements For The Role

While this is a remote role, candidates must [ordinarily] reside between GMT-5 and GMT+3 in order to synchronously work with common collaborators in Europe and Canada.

All potential candidates will be scored on the following competencies.

1. You strive to be a great human being.

We want world-class human beings who:
  • Strive to show deep care and empathy for your team members.
  • Have strong integrity and morals that drive your accountability.
  • Are open-minded to the views of others, and constantly work to improve yourself for the betterment of the whole team.

2. You perform at the highest level.

These are the technical qualifications we require:
  • Seasoned Full Stack Developer with 3+ years of commercial experience.
  • Proven experience with our stack - Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, SQL, RSpec, Jest. Knowledge of others like Heroku, Postgres, Redis, CI is considered a plus.
  • Advanced experience with working at all levels of the stack, from frontend to backend. Ideally stronger with frontend.
  • Used to solving customer problems with code, not coding handed-down solutions.
  • Experience of working in a customer-focused environment is a big advantage.
  • In-depth knowledge of how to distill technical problems into simple, well-designed solutions.
  • Craftsperson who cares about quality and writes tests to describe and validate their work.
  • Knowledge of techniques to work with legacy code whilst keeping it working.

3. You are a great collaborator.

Collaboration is key to our success as a team. We want a Software Product Engineer who is/has:
  • Incredibly hungry and wants to make an impact with our team.
  • A customer-first approach to delivering value.
  • Enthusiastic about learning our methodologies and tools.
  • Able to weave between autonomous and collaborative working styles.
  • A strong writer and communicator for a fully remote, global environment.
  • Not afraid to iterate on an idea or prototype if it means we create better value.
  • Able to focus on the bigger picture while paying close attention to the final details that will get us to success.
  • Open to constructive conflict and can navigate challenging feedback.

How We Hire At Strategyzer

We pride ourselves on a robust, fair, and diversity-focused recruitment process. The following steps allow us to find the best fit for this role. Finding the right person is much more important to us than adhering to any deadline, and therefore we will keep this position open until we fill it with the perfect match for us.

Step 1 - Intro to Candidate

Upload your CV in PDF format.

Create a 4-minute LOOM video intro of yourself answering the following questions:
  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally?
  3. How do you understand the essence of this role and how would you approach it?
Step 2 - Interviews
  • Skills + technical fit interviews.
  • Reference Interviews.
Step 3 - Working Challenge

Step 4 - Cultural fit interviews/coaching conversation.

Step 5 - Offer

Job posted 2021-04-07