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Remote Creative Digital Marketer job at Lean Labs

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Not all jobs are created equal.

You probably know that already. And while we may be biased, we want to prove this is a great opportunity…for the right person. 

✔ If you love creating and optimizing all types of content (text, audio, video, etc.)…

✔If you know how to set goals and measure the impact of your content…

✔ If you want to work with a team of professionals who are passionate about their work…

✔ If you know how to identify the right plays for a successful campaign…

✔ If you’re constantly improving your skills and want to get paid for it (#bonus!)…

✔ If you look at the entire marketing funnel & customer journey for growth opportunities…

✔ If you want flexibility in your schedule, to use your time how it best fits you…

✔ If you love thinking outside the box to solve problems and deliver extraordinary results…

Most of all, if you want more than the typical agency gig has to offer… 

…we have the position for you. Read on.

What you’ll do at Lean Labs
Never fall into a rut doing the same thing all the time. You’ll flex your digital marketing muscles delivering winning results for clients, contributing to our internal marketing engine, and working with a high-caliber team.

We’re looking for a digital marketer who:
Is fluent in the language of today’s web content: text, images, GIFs, audio, and video.
Is just as comfortable doing keyword research as they are interpreting HubSpot analytics or creating a video script. 
Proactively searches for ways to create sustainable, scalable growth for our clients and our internal brands.
Craves a variety of work and can manage their time and energy to meet the unique needs of different tasks and stakeholders.

Required skills, experience, and attitude:
A positive, professional, can-do attitude is critically important. We prioritize enjoying our day and the team we work with. We pass the ball a lot during a project. You’ll interact with everyone on our team, and you’ll need to match our quality, productivity, and echo a can-do vibe to fit our culture.
Working knowledge of organic, social, and email marketing. 
Ability to analyze data to determine areas of improvement and campaign performance.
Familiar and comfortable with presenting campaigns and client updates through video conference.
Knowledge of brand positioning.
Must have a firm grasp of English with the ability to write, edit, and speak the language.
Experience in organic marketing. 
Working knowledge of HubSpot is a must.
Mojo. We completely thrive on it. You’ll need to bring quite a bit to fit in.
Strong task management, time management, and team collaboration
Attention to detail
A quick learner with a strong desire to learn and implement new skills

What makes you an even better fit:
You can edit and produce high-quality audio and/or video (and have the clips to prove it).
You’ve used HubSpot Marketing Hub tools (landing pages, email, CTAs, etc.) enough to be dangerous.
Knowing your way around SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console is a plus. 

That’s what we expect from you. But what about your expectations of us?

Our “Secret Sauce” is a combination of work perks, culture, and working the way you want:
Minimal meetings. Minimal wasted effort. Minimal BS.
Agile Methodology. Short sprints of focused work for great results!
Adherence to our core values in everything we do.
Mojo-driven workflow. We’ll let you get in that groove and eliminate distractions!
Competitive wages with performance-based incentives.
Paid professional development (yes, we pay you to better yourself).
Design your schedule. Change it as needed. Work in whatever environment brings out your best. Flexibility!
We’re not big on layoffs. We haven’t had one since we started in 2002. 
Join a team with a track record of client success; we’ve helped our clients generate over $200 million in revenue and secure over $100 million in funding. 
Did we mention Paid Professional Development? (the right people get really excited about this)

The Bottom Line: this isn’t the right position for anyone who wants to “keep my head down and get my work done.” 

We expect you to deliver your very best work consistently to create wins for clients. As part of a tight-knit, peak-performing lean growth team, we expect you to help us continuously learn, improve, and build our future as a company.

Ready to talk? We are.

Job posted 2021-05-20