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Remote Manga Team Manager job at OtakuToons

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We’re OtakuToons and we make family friendly manga! We need someone who can take the lead on production. We’re looking for someone to do the following:

  • Create and continuously optimize our production workflow and approval process, including research for ideation
  • Out of the box thinking as to how we can move our company forward on its mission statement
  • Set up automations using a platform you choose for the above, as well as in other platforms
  • Write SOPs (standard operating procedures), content guidelines, guides, and any/everything else required to assist our manga team leads in their approval/editorial process
  • Be able to edit stories to ensure the proposed synopsis matches our Mission Statement and content guidelines
  • Be a Manager of One (and more!), someone who identifies/ideates work, implements the work, measure the work, reports the work, and optimizes the work - without being told, and without excuses 

You will:

  • Not be told what to do very often, because you’re a Manager of One (or more) [see below for more info]
  • Receive amazing perks, great pay, and profit sharing [see below for more info]
  • Be responsible for workflow, automation, and content for an entire manga production team and their team leads
  • Get to work alongside the company owners and c-level members (this is a great learning opportunity!)

In addition to being a manager of one, you should have:

  • Fantastic copywriting
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Be calm, levelheaded, and understanding, because there are always subjective aspects to content production, editing, and moderation
  • A relatively thorough understanding of the core concepts of the Christian Bible (it’s needed for our content editorial process, we produce manga used in churches and similar)
  • Previous experience with leading others towards a shared goal
  • At least a year of experience working remotely
  • Be available at least 2 hours during the 3pm-11pm JST time zone window
  • Confidence in your ability to solve problems and implement solutions, while being humble enough to ask for input for further optimization (especially from our CPAO, Chief Process/Automation Officer - yes, we have one!)

Bonus points:
  • Enjoy Manga 
  • Experience with digital production and/or digital production workflow optimization
  • Started your own agency, company, or service (even if it’s not operating anymore)
  • Extensive knowledge of the Christian Bible or willing to learn it

Perks & Benefits

Company pays a minimum salary of $60,000/yr, typically more, plus profit sharing.

🔨 Hardware
If you need something, buy it. Just make sure you need it and will use it for work.  Examples include computers (and similar devices, such as an iPad Pro), an office chair or air filter, or fixing the hole in the wall.  Just keep it within reason and for work, please!

👩‍💻 Coworking Space
Don’t want to work alone?  You don’t have to.  Use your plastic to cover the cost of a coworking spot of up to $200/month.

😵‍💫 Mental Health
There are very few things as important as your peace.  “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” -Philippians 4:7.  You can use your plastic to cover a faithfulcounseling.com membership, or an alternative mental health service/therapist at the same rate.  We highly encourage you to make use of this!

💪 Gym Membership and/or Equipment
Physical health is important.  Use your plastic to get yourself a gym membership, personal trainer, and/or equipment to the tune of $200/month. Anything that gets you active counts, whether it’s skates, a racquet club, a rock gym, etc.

🤯 Continuing Education
Want to take a course, get a certification, buy a book, or attend a conference? Make a post about it and pitch it.  If you state your case well, it’s likely to be approved.

🙏 Giving
If you’re giving your time to a humanitarian or witnessing cause, you may take a paid day off each month to do so.  If you’re giving of your money to such a cause, let’s discuss matching that donation.  

Mission Statement

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Produce manga that is appropriate for ages 4-16 but that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age

📱Make our manga available in digital and printed forms, in multiple languages

⛪️ Ensure our manga is family friendly, so much so that it can be used in churches, synagogues, and similar

❤️ Donate 10% of gross revenue to humanitarian aid (and even more via donation matching)

🥰 Provide an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, regardless of nationality, race, age, gender, orientation, or belief to help us in our mission

Job posted 2021-05-21