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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Remote Workers! presents a glowing opportunity to escape your monotonous 9-5 grind and start living in the sun!

We require a well read, articulate and intelligent Night Owl with a good musical ear and a fantastic sense of humour, who has a particular interest in the English language and all it's nuances, and a desire to work in their favourite robe and most comfortable slippers whenever the mood takes them. 

You must be a worldly individual, who has lived, explored and can add value to our team. A problem solver and a strategic thinker, with a keen, investigative mind, who is ready to use their very large brain to its full potential.

If this sounds like you and you have heaps of common sense, are observant, detail oriented and street smart, I invite you to draw near and keep reading!

Dating site members require your expertise. You will ensure profiles are authentic and that the vulnerable are protected.

The position is fully remote and the shifts are between 12 noon and 12 am EST. 

You'll be working about 40 hours a week and some weekend work is involved.

Put in the work without someone having to nudge you, and you'll have a great time.

Dazzle us with your Resume and Cover letter and let us know how you can strengthen our team that has been together for years. 

Please highlight any past experience you may have in Editing, Review or Moderation work.

*Candidates from the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Canada are invited to apply for this position.

Job posted 2021-05-31