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Remote Director of Outreach job at Stone Press

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Stone Press is building the largest network of B2B websites.

We do B2B lead generation and focus on SEO. Our strategy is centered around creating high quality content and then doing outreach to relevant websites.

We already operate several of the most respected B2B sites and have scaled content production to over 100 posts/month. 

We’ve also built our initial outreach team to get the high-value links we need in order to promote our content. We’re really proud of what this team has already accomplished.

And now it’s time to take it up a notch.

That’s where you come in.

You’ll join us, get to know the team, and learn our playbook for outreach. Once you’ve found your footing, you’ll lead the effort to scale our outreach program.

If you have an outreach or sales background, love competitive roles with quotas, and want to scale a department, we want to talk to you.

This is a Director-level role that will report to one of our Founders.

Your Responsibilities
  • Recruiting. You’ll be responsible for filing all open roles on your team.
  • Work with the senior team to set quarterly and monthly goals. Then consistently hit those goals with your team.
  • Set individual goals for everyone on your team.
  • Maintain and create all standard operating procedure documents as needed.
  • Access current team processes and operating procedures, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement them.
  • Provide detailed performance reports.
  • Manage and evolve our commission program.
  • Coach, mentor, and provide feedback to the team.
  • Foster a competitive yet collaborative team environment.
  • Assess and manage individual performance.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit
  • You love the craft of management. Rather than viewing the management component of your job as a necessary evil, you view it as being THE job.
  • Hiring should be second nature to you. You should have deep experience with recruiting folks that were able to meet their own quotas and succeed.
  • You have sales management experience, or management experience specifically with link building teams.
  • You’re comfortable leading teams to meet quotas. You know when to push for the goal. And you know how to balance that with taking the pressure off so folks can breathe. 
  • You have the ability to motivate and excite a team that is doing boring, grinding work every day. Celebrating wins, running weekly contests, and keeping morale up should all be easy for you.
  • Processes, systems, and operations excite you. You’re motivated by the optimization of existing processes. Tweaking things to improve efficiencies and drive better results is something that comes natural to you.
  • You’re comfortable working across departments. When projects or goals involve other teams, you know how to proactively get buy-in, do more than your fair share to build trust, and can meet goals even when other folks don’t report directly to you.
  • You must be US-based, but we are a 100% remote company so you can work from anywhere you like. No specific education or certifications required.

Job posted 2021-05-19