Remote Frontend - Full stack Developer (Svelte & Rails) at fast-growing startup job at Benable

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Frontend - Full Stack Developer
Founding Team

Benable is an early stage mission-driven startup that is looking to grow its founding team. We’re based in the D.C. metro area, but are a remote-first company. Our founder was previously a founding team member of a San Francisco based startup, which raised $60M in venture capital, grew to 300 employees, and brought in $250M+ in yearly revenue. 

Benable raised significant seed funding, and we have spent the past months honing the product and bringing on our first users. We are now looking to grow our engineering team. This is a unique opportunity to join an early stage startup as a founding team member, and to help build both a valuable company and a platform that will help improve people’s lives.


Benable is a registered Public Benefit Corporation, which means that we are a for-profit company, but also have an obligation to drive positive social impact. Our focus is on strengthening the social fabric by making it easier for people to help one another.

Benable is a platform that makes it easy to find and share trusted recommendations with your friends and community. Whatever it is you’re looking for – child care, doctors, a place to stay, etc. – Benable makes it easy to get help from the people you trust.


You will be the second developer on the team and will work closely with Benable’s Lead Developer and the rest of our small team. You will be responsible for significant frontend development, as well as full stack projects within your capabilities.


Benable is a Single Page Application, with the frontend and backend connected via a REST API.
  • Ruby, Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails (Backend), Svelte (Frontend)
  • Postgresql, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • GitHub, Heroku, Rollbar, LogDNA


You’re the right person for this job if you have 3+ years of relevant experience and:
  • You’re excited about joining a startup at such an early stage.
    We’ve launched a product, raised initial funding, and started growing the user base, but it doesn’t get much earlier than this. The intensity and pace of this early stage aren't for everyone. New startups are all about moving at breakneck speed, iterating continuously based on user feedback, working through ambiguity and changing priorities, and figuring things out as we go. If those things excite you, you’re going to love this role.
  • You’re an advanced frontend developer, with some backend experience.
    You’ve got to have strong frontend experience (doesn’t have to be Svelte, React is very similar, Angular okay too, etc.). As only the second engineer on the team, you’ll also be working on all parts of the stack, so ideally you'd have some experience with backend work - e.g. creating endpoints, working with databases, etc. And you’ve got to be great at building things in a flexible, iterative way. Prior startup experience is a huge plus.
  • You love creating great user experiences.
    For Benable to be successful, we have to create a magical user experience. You’ve got to be the type of person who has good product intuition, and enjoys thinking about the end user and how to build something they will love.
  • You’re a great person and people like being around you.
    We’re going to be living and breathing this startup, so it’s critical that we love spending time with each other. At this stage, every hire has a huge impact on company culture, so you’ve got to be an all-around great person and teammate - someone that people love to be around. 

  • Competitive Salary
  • Great Equity Package
  • Flexible, remote work environment, with the option to join teammates in-person if desired and when circumstances allow 
  • Incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • And you’re going to love your job - helping build up what may become one of the world’s most important communities


Job posted 2021-03-24