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About Filestage

We believe that life is more meaningful when you have the opportunity to create your best work. When we’re coming up with great ideas and moving projects forward at pace, we’re filled with positive energy and meaning. We’re empowered to create our best work.

But when teams share files for feedback, work descends into admin hell. Comments can come from any number of tools, channels and email chains, and dealing with the feedback can turn the simplest projects into a grueling marathon.

So we’re on a mission to create a seamless approval process that helps people deliver their best work. By helping people get their best work approved, we’ll transform the finish line into a moment of joy, excitement and celebration for every file – the way it should be.

Filestage is the world’s best-rated online proofing solution. Our software is used by over 500,000 people all over the world, across hundreds of industries. We’re a growing startup in a booming market, so we’ve got an exciting journey ahead of us.

What you’ll be working on as our Growth Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a Growth Marketing Manager to lead and accelerate our lead generation through inbound marketing channels.

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing in your first year at Filestage:

  • Become our master of lead generation. You keep the big picture in mind and use data insights to help you double, or triple, the number of high-quality leads our sales team have to work with.

  • Unlock the potential of our organic funnel. You take our established organic lead generation funnel to a new level, rapidly increasing our traffic and converting more visits to leads.

  • Implement new lead generation channels. You use the full marketing mix to build new inbound lead generation channels, fast – including social media retargeting, SEA and email marketing.

  • Drive forward rapid experimentation. You develop quick ideas for CRO experiments and use lean methodologies to rapidly test and iterate on ideas.

Life at Filestage

We believe people are more productive when they can choose their own schedule. So we’re proud to offer fully-remote roles that give you the perfect balance between work and life.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to at Filestage:

  • Work from where you’re happiest and enjoy a flexible schedule. We’ve been fully remote from the start, giving you the opportunity to meet people all over the world and broaden your horizons.
    • For this role, we’re looking for someone based in Europe to make sure there’s a high time overlap with our team members, customers and partners.

  • Meet up in real life. We all travel together at least once a year (in normal times) at our team retreat to have fun and get to know each other.

  • Enjoy a strong team culture. We’re a group of knowledge seekers, reflective thinkers, clear communicators, goal owners, problem solvers and team players. These are the values we strive for to help us achieve our mission.

  • Join a happy team. We’ve been rated five stars on Glassdoor by our lovely team. You can take a look at our reviews here.

  • Create a workspace that suits you. You’ll get €1000 to buy whatever you need to do your best work – including a computer, webcam or standing desk.

  • Make your voice heard. We trust our team members to make the best decisions to achieve their goals, so you won’t have to put up with micromanagers here.

  • Say goodbye to pointless meetings. We practice what we preach when it comes to productivity, so you can expect flat hierarchies, fast iterations and no bullshit meetings.

What you’ll bring to the role

You have several years of experience working in marketing. Now you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge that has a huge (and positive) impact on the way people work.

Here are some of the things we’d like to see from you:

  • You are goal-oriented. You’re at your happiest and most productive when ambitious goals are clearly set and you can choose your own path to reach it.

  • You can massively scale up lead generation. You know what’s involved in generating leads from multiple inbound marketing channels, and when to make use of external resources to scale faster.

  • You love to build things yourself. You enjoy the challenge of building things from scratch and feel enormous pride to see something you have created have an impact.

  • You enjoy working with data. You love working with tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs and spreadsheets to generate performance insights at every level of a funnel.

  • You always have ideas you want to test. You enjoy creative problem solving and want to put your ideas into action in well thought-through experiments.

  • You don’t let anything slow you down. When you have a goal in mind and an idea you want to test, you’re unstoppable. You always find a way to make it happen, even if it means doing everything yourself.

  • You have deep SEO knowledge. You have an extensive knowledge of on-page, off-page and technical SEO. You can manage and prioritize keywords and clearly communicate what content is needed.

  • You can use paid ads to get results. You can launch and optimize PPC campaigns across various platforms to win valuable leads, including Google Search, Facebook retargeting, Linkedin and Capterra.

  • You can communicate and collaborate easily. You love working closely with your colleagues, even in a remote setting, and always keep the team updated with your progress and priorities.

Job posted 2021-07-06