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What makes this job meaningful?

This probably isn't the first job description you've read today. Maybe this is one of over 100 you reviewed this week. So, before we go any further, we want to stop and say thank you for considering this role. The rest of this post will be our pitch to you. We know you have options and we'd like you to consider adding us to that list.

The world is full of strained relationships. Perhaps no place is greater evidence of this than the workplace. The cliche of conflict between manager and employee is age-old and we're tired of it. We're so tired of it, that we're out to change it.

Leadr is a new kind of people development software, and while that may sound like business jargon, I promise you that this is not your typical B2B software company. At our core, we are helping organizations develop their people by turning managers into coaches and giving employees a voice. We believe today's employees expect more than just a title and a salary - they seek opportunities to learn, grow, be challenged, and be valued for the ideas they bring to the table. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create a culture to support these expectations across every team and every manager. If this mission matters to you, keep reading.

Our development team at Leadr gets to pioneer this vision through building our world-class product and the systems to support it. We take feedback from our team and customers to create a roadmap to build.

Why You'll Be Motivated To Apply...

  • You are an accomplished Business Analyst / product manager type person who loves disambiguating, unblocking engineers, communicating and coordinating, driving clarity and generally has about 15 JIRA tabs open at a time.
  • You want the work you are doing to matter. You want a voice.
  • Big companies bore you; you live for the thrill of the startup.
  • Leadr is an early stage startup and with that comes amazing growth opportunities. Most likely you've only worked at large mature bureaucratic companies or small companies that aren't really growing. Leadr is neither of those things. You are going to stretch so much you'll wish you were made out of nylon.
  • Leadr is doing something radical and exciting. You noticed that when you checked out our website.
  • Whatever happens in the economy, Leadr is a solid financial position. We are a startup, but we have 24 months of runway and we believe our product is needed now more than ever.

Why We Need You ...

We are a pre-Series A startup. We are well funded, but we aren't moving slowly. It's imperative that we operate fast and lean. We don't need a Product Manager who is going to spend 6 months making a lead-conversion process 27% more efficient.

Market research, product marketing, and product strategy are NOT our critical problem areas right now. What we need right now is someone who can keep on top of a dozen or so features all at once, keep the forward momentum happening, keep right on top of upward and outward communication, limit surprises across the team, setup sustainable processes for harvesting and cataloguing all the awesome feedback and great ideas that flow in from all corners - but not get bogged down chasing every idea, and interface efficiently the design, engineering and QA teammates to make sure everything stays unblocked.

In short: we need someone who thrives on the detail and execution side of product delivery. If your sweet spot is market and competitor research and spending months building a strategic roadmap powerpoint ... this is NOT the job you want.


Are you a good fit? To be successful in this role ...

  • You have 3+ years of experience working in fast-paced Product teams developing software, especially SasS applications.
  • To be considered for this vital role you need to have prior experience of business analysis/release management/product management or similar for a B2B or B2C Saas product that was a "daily-use" type of application, with a SDLC that closely matches what we are striving towards. In that role you were an integral part of successfully and reliably deploying updates to production on a daily basis.
  • You must be able to work hard for your engineers, coordinate strongly with your peers in QA and UX, and also be able to effortlessly communicate upward to the exec team, and to the rest of the company.
  • 99% of your communication is going to be written. You MUST be able to write fast, effectively and always be driving clarity; not sowing confusion.
  • You can devise product solutions by considering multiple options and then present the pros/cons including cost, effort, complexity, scalability, maintainability etc as part of your proposal and then walk others through your decision matrix.
  • You understand that this role is essentially about communication and you will be incredibly effective at it. Did I say that already? ;p
  • You have a passion for our mission (developing people), and can't wait to have a positive impact on our team and our customers.


This role reports to the Senior Product Manager (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-s-kilgore/)

This role is now and always will be fully remote, provided you reside in USA or Canada. Currently, the product team is spread across AZ, WA, OH, FL, GA and TX.


We are pleased to offer valuable market-rate salary, bonuses, and benefits. We offer PTO, Paid Holidays, Flex Holidays, etc. We are committed to developing you as a leader and providing career growth throughout your employment with us. We promise to care for you as a person, and have meaningful conversations with you so you have the clarity and support you need to do your best work!

What can you expect for your interview process?

While not all candidates will complete the entire process, here's what it looks like from start to finish. We'll keep communication open the entire way so you always know where you stand.

  • Complete the Kick-Off Interview Form, which is part of the Application Process.
    We take your answers very seriously and will reference them throughout the interview process. We promise we won't make you retype your resume into another form, we value your time.
  • A 45-60-minute Technical Screen either by video or phone call.
    We'll use this time to make sure you possess the minimum skills we think are required to accomplish the key objectives.
  • A 30-45 minute Culture Interview either by video call.
    We'll use this time to simply get to know you as a person and hear more about your story.
  • 3-4 hour meet & greet with the broader team, plus a more in-depth Technical Interview.
    This can be done by video. We'll dig into how you would go about accomplishing the objectives we shared for the role and your past experience doing similar work.
  • And finally, the Offer letter is sent.

About Leadr

While the problem we're tackling at Leadr is ambitious, we have reason to be optimistic:

  • Our early team is loaded with talented and experienced people who share a passion for the mission
  • The executive team has done this before, founding and leading a startup in the payments space to hypergrowth and a successful exit in less than 10 years
  • Because of our strong track record for success, we're well funded with plenty of financial runway

Leadr is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Thank you for considering Leadr as the place to share your strengths and talents.

Job posted 2021-07-07