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Remote Marketing Associate job at The Otaku Boc

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Marketing Associate’s are responsible for the day-day marketing fulfilment under the direction of CEO They are expected to complete Marketing tasks assigned to them with detailed execution, take initiative to bring new ideas in, and task out what needs to be implemented in Asana. Any big ideas (i.e. changing the site, taking a new direction, changing something on the PPC side) should be put forward in the Marketing Meeting’s before being implemented. All tasks created by them must have CEO added as a collaborator.

Marketing Associates are not allowed to hire or fire anyone without prior permission from CEO. Marketing Associates are subject to violations. Marketing Associates do not have anyone else reporting to them.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Marketing automation (all drip should go through or be tasked to CEO but Marketing Associates should know all automations and be able to execute them, or learn how to execute them when required)
  • TypeForm creation
  • Shopify
  • Copy creation
  • Monitoring industry trends
  • Market research and audience feedback
  • The Monthly Marketing report
  • Ideation
  • and anything else asked by the CEO

Reporting requirements:

  • An over-view of the marketing strategy that has been implemented the past month
  • KPI’s: Number of subs, Conversion Rate, Churn Rate, Best Converting Products, Gross Sales, and Customer LTV
  • CRO and additional tests report: an update on which tests were run over the past month and the results of these tests, including ROI
  • Data Analytics: Google Analytics data report including conversions data, Traffic & Behaviour Flow, and audience behaviour (HotJar and Sublytics data will aid in giving a complete picture) 
  • Messenger bot
  • Above all else, follow the SOP for the Monthly Report

Job posted 2021-05-07