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If you want to work from home (or your favorite café or beach) on your own schedule, writing marketing copy with a fun team, then keep reading 🤓

We’re looking for a Content Creator to join our fully remote team to create regular marketing copy for our clients.

In a nutshell, we run a membership program & community (called The Tech Tribe) and we help the owners of IT Support businesses better run and grow their business through training, resources, templates & mentoring.

You will be working directly with the owner of the business (me) to create regular monthly marketing content for our 2,000+ clients (members).

We've been in business since 2017 and are in a VERY stable position both financially and in the marketplace, so for the right person, there's HUGE job stability.

We like to think we're a fun business to work for and we haven't had a team member resign since we started back in 2017, while we like to work with purpose and efficiency, we also like to keep things as stress free as possible.

Our mission to become the most valuable & results driven program for MSPs & IT Support businesses on the planet, which will see the business grow by 5x-10x in the next 2 years.

One of our initiatives that we give our members is a Monthly Marketing Content Pack that they can use for their own marketing.

This includes things such as:
  • Social Media Posts (we give them 31 each month)
  • Blog Posts (we will give them 5 each month)
  • Monthly Printer Newsletter Articles & Copy (we write a printed newsletter with a few articles in it)
  • Weekly Marketing Emails (nurturing / educational emails our members can send to their prospects)
  • eBook Projects from time to time (e.g. we would like to give our members a short 10,000 word Cybersecurity for Beginners Guide that they can use)
The current contract we have for this content is with an external company, however this agreement is coming to an end, so it's time to bring this role in-house.

The person in this role will be in charge of building out these Monthly Marketing Packs as well as other copy help (wordsmithing 😜) from time to time.

Don't worry, we won't chuck you in the deep end without first making sure you have everything you need to succeed.

You'll have deep support & feedback from the owner of the business (me) to help you excel at the role, including a heavier focus in the beginning to help you get up to speed with our way of approaching things.

You'll also get access to a bunch of copywriting courses & training programs that we have purchased over the years to help you continually improve and refine your skills.

Some Need to Haves:

  • Blog Post or SEO Content Writing experience for Small Business owners
  • A thirst for continually working out ways to do things better (continual incremental improvement is one of our core values)
  • Enough capacity to work 20-40 hours per month (this will very expand as we launch more initiatives)
  • An ability so write in a friendly, human & colloquial way (we don't do corporate speak in our business 😜)
  • A desire to feel proud of the work you do (our high quality work is what sets us apart and we are known for it)
Some Nice to Haves (but not Deal Breakers):
  • Writing experience in the IT or Cybersecurity Industry
  • Direct Response Marketing Knowledge (even a basic knowledge would be ideal)
  • Marketing Strategy Experience (if you have created successful campaigns in the past for the IT Support or Cybersecurity Industry, this will be a BIG bonus)
  • We're a Fully Remote Team, so you can work from your favorite cafe or from the beach
  • Your schedule is VERY flexible
  • We intentionally keep a very low stress workplace
  • Access to world class Copywriting training
  • Work in a business where our clients LOVE what we do for them (you can see some of this at
  • Strong, stable company with a great reputation in the marketplace (most of our 2,000+ members have come from Referrals from existing Members)

If all the above sounds exciting - then the next steps are to:
  1. Check out our website at to see if we feel like the type of business you'd LOVE to work with
  2. Fill out the super short questionnaire here to apply

Job posted 2021-06-09