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Product Designer - UX

At ListReports® 

ListReports® is a 6 year old technology company in the real estate space on a mission to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. To us, this mission is urgent, and we pour our hearts, minds, and every bit of energy we have into it. We have a flywheel-driven business model with a company culture that is built upon helping people uncover their biggest strengths and empowering them to use them to the fullest extent possible. We’re also delightfully weird, and take pride in being authentically ourselves. If this sounds like a place you’d find interesting -- keep reading!

Our UX team is looking to bring on an experienced Product Designer who is comfortable designing web and mobile interfaces - especially with experience designing iOS and Android apps. When we say “experienced,” we mean someone who has a firm grip on UX principles - from ideation through wireframes, flows, and final designs. The perfect person for this role is probably someone who worked on consumer-facing products and had to design for accessibility. This is a high impact role. You would be on the “nose of the ship” when it comes to the latest big ideas within our Product team. Due to the quickly evolving nature of our company - this role requires creative maturity. You’ll need to be capable of putting work aside, scrapping ideas, pivoting, and generally operating as if all designs are subject to change (at least in earlier phases). 

The pandemic forced everyone to re-evaluate how things “work”, which is why we adopted a permanent “work from anywhere” company culture. This means you have complete freedom to decide where you want to work (at home, at a coffee shop, in our office in Orange, California once it reopens safely, or traveling the country van-life style). As long as you’ve got a strong WIFI signal and are available during essential working hours, you’re good. Therefore, we are open to candidates in any location in the US.

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What you’ll do at ListReports® 

This is a role in which only you set the limits on your power to make the product incredible. ListReports encourages and rewards those who take initiative, and our relatively flat organization structure means that your ideas will be heard and, if they’re the right ones, you will see them come to life - quickly. Your work will be an essential part of how we’re reshaping the real estate industry.

Product Designers at ListReports strive for a “full stack” approach when it comes to designing for multiple interfaces. That said, we would love to bring on someone with specialized app design experience. This designer will also need to design for web and mobile web interfaces, as well. We work and play in Figma - you don’t have to have a ton of experience with this tool, but you will need to be able to jump in from Sketch, Xd, or whichever other design stack your previous team used. In this role, you will:

  • Design satisfying and effective end-to-end user experiences across a variety of features and apps that make up the ListReports product ecosystem
  • Work with researchers and stakeholders to embrace other parts of the UX cycle (ideation, research, testing, etc) to deliver the best experience possible. 
  • Understand the UX process well enough to know when to employ specific steps and when to skip ahead.
  • Contribute to our design system - both in terms of adding components and overall strategy
  • Participate in (and sometimes facilitate) design reviews, stakeholder meetings, and asynchronous collaboration channels
  • Tap subject matter experts in the company for insight, discovering and reconciling the business and user needs behind our projects
  • Have a user-centered mindset, and balance this with well-rounded knowledge of our business goals
  • Work with developers directly (collaboration, annotation, handoff, consulting)
  • Focus on identifying the problems, users, goals, and outcomes behind any project and when you cannot identify those, you speak up to make we’re investing design time wisely
  • Know when to consult OS-specific Human Interface Guidelines, and share this knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Help define and stick to an MVP, knowing when to defend scope (or increase it) for any given design task or project
  • Be comfortable pushing back when you have knowledge or expertise that goes against the grain of a requirement or deadline detrimental to the ultimate project goals
  • Join a UX team of friendly, delightful, super supportive people who want to see you at your best and help each other keep learning and growing
You must be exceptional in the following ways: 
  • Collaboration: You believe we’re stronger together than we are alone, and your collaborative drive is something you are super proud of. You know that your ability to collaborate will get you everywhere you need to be in life. You’ve got confidence without ego, and social skills come naturally to you. This exceptionalism allows you to collaborate joyfully and effectively both within the team and beyond. 
  • Empathy: Your high level of empathy is a defining part of you and it extends to everyone - your colleagues and our customers notwithstanding. You have a community first mentality as opposed to a competitive edge. You appreciate and love to hear other perspectives. 
  • Communication: You are a feedback machine! You know how to ask for, give and receive feedback. And you help others get better at this too, just by being you.
  • Imagination: You are in tune with your imagination and feel energized by opportunities or problems that force us to envision something totally new. We’re often proposing disruptive ideas, designing for the future, and working outside of the boxes that define real estate, real estate tech, and even our current product ecosystem. For someone with a powerful imagination, that’s a very fun place to be!
 We’re looking for someone with at least 2 years experience. Graphic design skills and visual design know-how may set you apart from other applicants, but we’re really drawn in when we see the substance and strategy behind your style! If your primary interest or focus is research, this is not the role for you (but keep an eye on us because we will have a role for you in the future!). For this hire in particular, we need a designer with serious UI design chops and a deep interest in their craft. Must have a portfolio or work examples we can review (even if via screen share) so we can understand your skill set. Show us what you’ve got! We’re super excited to meet you. 

Equal Opportunity Employer: ListReports® is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic

Job posted 2021-05-26