Remote Amazing Customer Support & Project Manager Needed for Marketing Automation Software job at Spark

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We're looking for a kind, detail-oriented (super important) person who can help take care of our customers and manage our projects. 

About you: 

  • Extremely organized (you simply don't tolerate mess, and likely over-organize everything in your life, perhaps even color coding your room and wardrobe) 
  • Extremely kind (we believe in always being kind, even in frustrating circumstances)
  • Fluent at navigating & learning new: 
    • CRMs
    • Project Management softwares / tools
    • Customer support chat apps (i.e. Intercom)
  • Great at managing projects and pushing them through the finish line
  • Great at wrangling clients and team members so everyone gets everything they need to fulfill their ends of projects
  •  Can hold multiple pieces of info in your head about multiple projects (often 60 projects for 60 different clients are open simultaneously -- you certainly don't need all memorized, but need to be able to jump in and out of them with ease, and without getting overwhelmed)
  • Great at spotting workflow improvements that save us all time, energy, and hassle
    • In fact, it's a great joy in life for you to come up with ways to do this
  • Ready to start immediately
  • Can dedicate 6-8 hours / day
  • Looking for a long-term fit
About us: 

  • We are a CRM and Marketing Automation company primarily serving the Martial Arts and Fitness industries
  • Our HQ is in Tampa, but we're all spread around the U.S. and world
  • Martial arts and fitness positively change lives -- our mission is to empower studio owners so they have to worry less about logistics, and can focus more on their passion: helping people 
  • We are very passionate about serving our clients and giving them over-the-top service
  • Our goal in sending even simple support messages is to try and make the person on the receiving end smile
  • We reward those who make the company as a whole better by improving workflows, service, and systems

If this all sounds fulfilling to you, and like you were made for this, please apply. We'd love to learn more about you.