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Remote Backend Javascript Developer job at TrendSpider LLC

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Backend Javascript Developer/Engineer  

TrendSpider is an advanced platform for traders used by thousands of traders around the world. We are looking for a rockstar Javascript Developer/Engineer to join our development team. 

As a backend engineer, you will be responsible for building and maintaining microservices (mostly Node.js-based) which handle significant payloads and functions related to our financial market data. 


  • Strong ability to think abstractly.

  • Good understanding of ideas like OOP and functional programming.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of recent versions of ECMAScript.

  • Strong expertise in Node.js (if you never debugged a memory leak in Node.js application, then it’s a no go).

  • Good expertise with Express and one of the following: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB.

  • Experience with using Websockets in non-basic scenarios.

  • Good understanding of why message brokers exist.

  • Good understanding of how HTTP works.

TrendSpider is a good place to work. Here’s why:

  • Minimum-to-no hierarchy and bureaucracy. Time from idea to product can be VERY short. 

  • Your contribution can make a real difference. You’re not going to be coding internal utilities nobody wants; your work will impact real customers immediately. 

  • Competitive salaries and benefits tailored to your skills and capabilities. 

If you can honestly answer “yes” to these 3 questions, then please contact us immediately :)

  1. Have you ever debugged and fixed memory leaks in Node.js applications?

  2. Have you ever debugged and fixed event loop lags in Node.js applications?

  3. Do you know what’s the purpose of having 2 generations in the Node.js garbage collector?

Check out our website to know more about the company and our quest for better technical analysis