Remote CTO, Chief Technology Officer job at Stylust

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  • Lead engineering and technical vision for the future of mobile commerce, in the (exploding) text-message commerce market
  • Lead, manage and grow the engineering practice
  • Join us to establish and nurture a culture of inclusion and diversity

Who we are

In a mobile dominant world, Stylust is a text commerce company at the heart of what’s become known as conversational commerce. Where companies have spent the last two decades building retail websites and apps with self-service shopping tools, we’re building ecommerce 3.0 where users bypass the archaic and traditional web-based experience in favor of a text-based, friction-free experience. Shop the world via text. 

Text commerce is the future of retail and a tremendous opportunity to get in early on the exploding mobile commerce market. With irons in the fire of both B2C and B2B business models, we’re quickly testing and iterating toward a text-based shopping solution that will look obvious in hindsight. 

We’ll know we’re successful when it’s harder not to shop via text. 

What you will be doing

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), you will be driving the creation of the technology that makes shopping via text effortless, actively coding while also managing your team. The tools you create will make the discovery and purchase of products for our customers so simple it will feel like magic, all while empowering our internal team by folding the customer experience seamlessly into our backend CX tools. You’ll be blending technology and active one-to-one support for our customers, while recognizing and integrating the power of tools like natural language processing.

You will own our technical roadmap, the future of our vue.js and node.js applications, and be the advocate and mentor for the engineering team as it grows. You’ll build a team to be admired and trusted with diversity and inclusion at the forefront, with a true desire to lift other people up in how you run your department and execute the company vision. 

We’re looking for a leader who
  • makes technology human
  • thrives working across teams and loves a blank whiteboard with product and design counterparts
  • has extensive leadership experience, with a deep understanding of how to inspire a team and bring purpose and focus
  • champions a customer-focused lens on what the team builds
  • recognizes the value and necessity of solving problems with people from all walks of life to create the best solutions. For you, diversity isn’t just a buzzword or challenge, but rather an opportunity to drive creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • has an obsessive desire to build products people love, shaping experiences with astounding quality. (“Minimal viable product” as an excuse for sub-par products makes you shudder)
  • has strong opinions (weakly held)
  • understands the importance of thoughtful and compelling communication, across teams and within engineering
  • is a mobile- and customer-first thinker. From a customer’s perspective there’s no difference between product discovery, payments, customer support, etc. It’s all the same text string

Benefits we offer

We’re remote!
We’re operating as a remote business for the foreseeable future, meaning our team sits from wherever they want. No problem if you haven’t done this before! We’ll guide you through and you’ll likely never want to go back.

Equity. In addition to your salary, you will be given equity in the company.

Health benefits. We provide healthcare benefits and are working to build a rich benefits package, which you’ll participate in upon release. 


If this all resonates, we’d love to hear from you! And please take a few minutes for a cover letter to tell us what draws you to the opportunity here at Stylust.

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